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Hello! Get your Access tonneau cover in Kansas City at one of our three Chux Trux locations. Access tonneau covers were created in 1991 when they came up with the first soft roll up tonneau cover. Agri-Cover Inc are the creators of the Access Covers and these people are committed to quality and innovation. All of the Access tonneau covers are made to work and last. The double-layered vinyl on both the inside and outside of the cover mean moisture won?t affect it. The advanced chemistry makeup of the material means the covers stay flexible and easy to roll up no matter what the temperature, even down to 40 below. Come and get your Access Tonneau Cover from Chux Trux today.

More About Access

If you?re in need one of the best soft roll up tonneau cover on the market, Access Covers have what you need. They?ve got tonneau covers for every year, make and model truck you want. Their truck bed covers include some of the top sellers like the Vanish, Access Limited truck cover and the TonnoSport cover. Each truck tonneau cover is easy to install with simple installation and have built-in tension controls so you can decide how tight the cover fits in just a few minutes.