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Grab your Rigid lights right here in Kansas City at one of our three Chux Trux locations. Rigid Industries began in 2006 with their first LED light bar for off road use. Since then they’ve introduced many more LED lighting products to the automotive world. They’ve got patented Hybrid and Specter optics systems that control the beam of light from the LEDs. This shines the light were you want it, not where you don’t need it.  

Rigid Industries designs, engineers and assembles all of their lighting products in the USA. Besides off road lighting, they create lighting products for other power sports, marine, construction, agriculture and even police and fire rescue. They are the real deal when it comes to making top quality light bars and lighting products you can depend on. Find the Rigid Industries products that are right for your light bar or LED lighting needs right here at Chux Trux.  

Rigid Categories

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Driving, Fog and Off Road
Find great driving, fog and off road lights right here in Kansas City. You can’t go far without good lights on your vehicle. Driving lights get you noticed during the day so others are...More Details »
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Rigid Products

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Find your Rigid Industries Driving, Fog and Off-Road lights in Kansas City right here at one of our three Chux Trux locations for lighting up any situation.

What's Included

  • High quality, durable housing for long-lasting life
  • Element-resistant and sealed with silicone gaskets to stop water
  • Many choices in style, shape and housing finish for all lights
  • Includes installation hardware
Item #: Rigid Industries Offroad Lighting
Condition: New

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More About Rigid

Rigid Industries has just about any kind of light you need, including heavy duty lights. The D-Series LED Lights come in several light patterns from flood to spotlights with different mounting options. The D-Series HD LED Lights are similar, but include a vibration isolator in the mount to keep vibrations to a minimum. The D-Series LED lights are available in flush mount options. The E-Series LED Light Bar was the first ever LED Light Bar produced and is still the most powerful LED light bar available. The SR-Series LED light bars are single row light bars and since they’re from Rigid, they are some of the furthest projecting LED light bars on the market. The SRM-Series light bars are similar to the SR-Series light bars, except they are single row mini light bars to fit in smaller areas. The projected light is still as bright as the other series of lights. The SR-Q Series LED Light Bars are able to mount almost anywhere on any surface, so they can be used in any application from automotive, marine, agriculture, off road and more. The A-Series LED Accessory Light can be mounted almost anywhere. It’s available in either high or low strengths and white, black or Tri-plex aluminum housing.  

Rigid also offers mounting kits for your vehicle, so there’s no end in lighting options. They’ve got mounting kits for Ford, Toyota, Jeep, Dodge and universal kits for anything else. LED Light Covers are also available in many different colors for the lights Rigid sells.  

If you need any kind of lighting and you only want the best possible quality LED lights, choose Rigid Industries lights at Chux Trux today.