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Grab your truck tuner from DiabloSport right here in Kansas City at one of our three Chux Trux locations.  DiabloSport has the market cornered when it comes to technology for late model cars and trucks with their software, tuners and programmers for gas and diesel engines. DiabloSport focuses on new vehicle technology from the digital point of view and doesn’t develop products like intakes or exhausts. Instead, they only work on the digital side of things, making it easier to control the computer in your vehicle no matter what other parts you use. Find the DiabloSport tuner or programmer that’s right for your gas or diesel engine right here at Chux Trux.  

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Computer Tuners, Programmers and Chips for Gas or Diesel Engines
Find great computer chips and tuners right here in Kansas City. The best way to get the most power out of your engine is with performance programmers. Whether your engine is bone stock or full of...More Details »
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Diablo Sport Products

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Find your DiabloSport Computer Tuners & Chips in Kansas City right here at one of our three Chux Trux locations to get the best in handheld programmers for your ride.

What's Included

  • Program for more power in your vehicle
  • Tune more than one vehicle with the device
  • Full-color touchscreen
  • Holds custom tunes
Item #: Diablo Sport Computer Tuning
Condition: New
Price: $479.99

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More About Diablo Sport

DiabloSport has hand-held programmers for your truck that’ll rival and probably beat any other tuner or programmer on the market today. They’ve got truck computer tuners and computer programmers with full color displays, high-resolution touch screens and much, much more. Find the DiabloSport tuner or programmer right for your truck right here at Chux Trux and get free shipping.