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If you want a killer exhaust sound outside, without all the drone of custom exhaust inside your truck, then Corsap Performance exhaust is for you! Just like BOSE© stereos invented the noise cancelling technology for speakers, Corsa Performance has done the same thing for exhaust system with Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC)!

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Cat back & Turbo back
Get your cat back exhaust right here in Kansas City at Chux Trux. If you want your truck to sound as awesome as it feels, throw a new cat back exhaust system on it and listen to the power. Hear...More Details »
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Corsa Products

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Find your Corsa Cat Back or turbo Back Exhaust in Kansas City right here at one of our three Chux Trux locations to add great sound and more power and torque to your ride.

What's Included

  • Uses patented aerospace-grade Power-Pulse muffler technology to cancel droning interior sounds
  • Constructed with stainless steel tubing so thereÕs no corrosion or rust
  • Deep powerful V8 sounds
  • Added horsepower because there are no restrictions in the muffler chambers
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More About Corsa

By reflecting sound waves, Corsa's RSC© technology cancels out the frequency that causes the bulk of the drone noise inside the cabin of your truck or car. Built from high grade stainless steel and available in 3 different tones (Extreme, Sport and Touring), you can choose the system that will give you the best sounding exhaust in Kansas City. Talk to one of the experts at our 3 Kansas City stores about getting a Corsa exhaust system for your truck, car or Jeep.