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Find your BDS Suspension parts right here in Kansas City at one of our three Chux Trux locations. BDS Suspension works hard to bring you the best suspension lift kits, leveling kits and aftermarket 4x4 parts on the market. Not only that, they want you to USE it. Their simple warranty states “If you buy it and it breaks, we’ll replace it.” There aren’t any blurred lines in the best warranty in the industry. BDS wants to give you peace of mind when you buy equipment from them so they took it upon themselves to manufacture the highest quality suspension lift kits and leveling kits out there. Their parts and suspensions fit and work as close to OE performance as possible, giving you great products with great results.  

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What's Included

  • Steering knuckles and spacers
  • Drop crossmembers
  • Shocks and skid plate
  • Rear blocks
Item #: 1511H
Condition: New
Price: $1,442.74

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More About BDS Suspension

Not only does BDS make the best, they work hard to keep their prices at a competitive level so you don’t have to sacrifice to get better quality parts. You shouldn’t have to pay double over the junk-distributors just to get double the quality. BDS also doesn’t want to waste your time, so all of their products are always in stock. Always. If you order just after Christmas, it’s in stock. Order in the spring to get ready for summer and it’s in stock. Order in the middle of summer when everyone else is looking to upgrade and guess what? BDS has it in stock.  

Get the best suspension lift kits and leveling kits available today from Chux Trux since we’re an authorized dealer for the fantastic BDS Suspension parts.  

With 2” to 8” suspension lift kits, shock absorbers, steering stabilizers and all of the lift kit accessories you’ll ever need, BDS Suspension has the answer to your suspension needs. Chevy lift kits? BDS has them. Are you looking for a Ford lift kit? Look no further than BDS Suspension at Chux Trux. What about a Dodge lift kit? Yes, we have those too.