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Get your tool box right here in Kansas City at one of our three Chux Trux locations. Truck tool boxes can’t be chosen by throwing a dart at a picture. They aren’t some simple accessory to just add to your truck the way a woman throws a necklace on with an outfit. A tool box adds more than storage space for tools and cargo. It adds style and character to your truck. If you pick the wrong truck tool box you’ll be stuck with looking at it and using it every day. Don’t pick the wrong one. Rely on the truck tool box experts at Chux Trux and find the perfect ProMaxx or Weatherguard tool box for your truck today.  

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Exterior - Tool Boxes - Crossover Truck Tool Boxes
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Exterior - Tool Boxes - Side Mount Truck Tool Boxes
Find a great side mount toolbox right here in Kansas City. These tool boxes fit in the otherwise wasted spaces in your bed, like along the sides of the truck above the wheel wells or behind the...More Details »
Exterior - Tool Boxes - Trailer Tongue Tool Boxes
Find a great trailer tongue box right here in Kansas City. These boxes are made to fit on the tongue of your bumper pull trailer, like a boat, cargo hauler, utility, motorcycle or other trailer....More Details »
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Find a great dog box right here in Kansas City. When you need to haul your dog or dogs in the safest way possible, use a dog box from Chux Trux. Made from tough, durable materials that’ll...More Details »

More About Tool Boxes

Truck tool boxes come in many different shapes, sizes and functions so you’re sure to find the exact tool box for your truck. For easy access on each side of the truck bed, a cross box tool box is great, because it has two lids which open from each side of the truck. If you’d rather only one lid on your truck tool box, go with a saddle box. This type of tool box has one lid that opens the whole top, allowing access to the entire tool box at one time. If you need one small tool box or several truck tool boxes, a pork chop box is a great choice. These truck tool boxes fit along the inside of your truck and sit over the wheel well. Use these truck tool boxes alone or in addition to other tool boxes for the most storage possible. Hi-side tool boxes mount on the side rails of your truck bed and have tons of room for storage. Underbed boxes mount underneath the edge of the truck bed to give you maximum space up top. Lo-side boxes mount on the side rails of your truck and are low profile, leaving you as much room in the cargo area as possible. All purpose chests fit just about anywhere and can take the place of any type of truck tool box.  

When you’re looking for the best truck tool boxes around, visit the experts at Chux Trux and check out the Weatherguard and ProMaxx truck tool boxes.