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If you’re looking for truck floor mats in Kansas City, Chux Trux has you covered. From all weather floor mats, floor liners for trucks, Husky floor mats and WeatherGuard floor mats, you’ll find exactly what you need for your fleet or commercial trucks. Husky Liners and Weatherguard are the best when it comes to floor liners and floor mats, so there’s no reason to bother looking anywhere else. Come to the experts at Chux Trux today to get your floor mats.  

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Interior - Floor mats & Floor Liners - Perfect Fit
Find great perfect fit floor liners right here in Kansas City. Don’t waste your time on those generic floor mats that are supposed to fit every vehicle, but in reality don’t fit...More Details »
Interior - Floor mats & Floor Liners - Semi - Custom Fit
Find great semi-custom fit floor liners right here in Kansas City. These liners are made to fit your vehicle exactly how you want – because you can trim them to fit your space.  
Interior - Floor mats & Floor Liners - Lifestyle & Branded
Find great lifestyle and branded floormats right here in Kansas City. If you want something on your floor besides the standard gray, tan or black, you need some floor mats with some pizazz. Or...More Details »

More About Floor mats & Floor Liners

Floor mats and liners are the perfect way to keep the floor of your commercial or fleet trucks clean and in good shape. Husky floor mats or Weatherguard floor mats are made to cover your truck’s floor from one side to the other, so nothing gets through to the factory carpet or floor. This keeps the floors clean for future resale value. Most of these truck floor liners have a lifetime warranty, so you won’t even need to replace them to know your truck’s floor is protected.  

With Husky Liners and WeatherGuard floor mats to choose from, you’re sure to find the exact truck floor liner or truck floor mat you need. There’s the original type of floor mat or liner that covers the entire area, much more than an OEM floor mat covers. Then there are the all weather floor mats that cover everything with a thick rubber mat that includes deep channels on the mat to catch water and mud, but keep your shoes clean. There are even truck floor mats that keep anything from spilling beneath your truck’s door sill.  

No matter what type of truck floor mat or truck floor liner you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Chux Trux today.