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Grab your set of headlight bulbs right here in Kansas City at Chux Trux. No matter how awesome your truck is, without the best headlight bulbs, you ain’t going nowhere in the dark. Headlight bulbs aren’t all the same. There are LED headlight bulbs, halogen headlight bulbs, blue headlight bulbs, white headlight bulbs and more. Take a look at the best headlight bulbs around right here at Chux Trux. We’ve got Piaa and Vision X. You won’t find better, so shop for your headlight bulbs right now.  

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Find your Putco Night LUX and Silver LUX headlights in Kansas City right here at one of our three Chux Trux locations for bright, clear LED lighting to seriously upgrade your headlight bulbs.

What's Included

  • Silver Lux: CREE XHP70 LED with a 180 degree light output
  • Silver Lux: You can adjust the light beam for better visibility
  • LED headlight bulb conversion kit with a 40% reduction in size (smaller tower, ballast and lamp)
  • Copper cloth heat-sink so you can install in compact places
Silver Lux
Item #: Putco Silver Lux
Condition: New
Price: $199.99

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The best headlight bulbs are the ones that light up the road in front of you, prevent you from hitting a deer and let oncoming traffic know where you are. Look no further than right here at Chux Trux for Piaa and Vision X headlight bulbs. We’ve got the best head light bulbs around so get your new pair today.