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Find great interior lights right here in Kansas City. Interior lights make a big difference in how your truck’s interior looks. Dull, yellow interior lighting makes your interior look, well, dull. It’s dark and shadowy and just not inviting. Swap those old bulbs out with cool white LED interior lights and you’ll see a huge difference. Chux Trux knows how big a difference interior lighting can make inside your truck, so we carry Putco and Plasma Glow lighting.  

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Chux Trux - LED Interior Lights
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Find your interior lights in Kansas City right here at one of our three Chux Trux locations and get the best interior lighting from Putco and Diode Dynamics.

What's Included

  • Upgrade or replace your dull interior factory light bulbs with new LED bulbs
  • Add lighting in places you didnÕt have before, creating your own custom interior light show
  • Use colored bulbs to create a different light setting inside your vehicle
Item #: LED Interior Lights
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Get the best interior lights right here from Chux in Kansas City. Changing out your Interior lights can really change how you feel inside your truck at night. Want to feel frustrated? Try dropping a small object underneath the seat at night and all you have is a dull yellow overhead light. Want to feel accomplished? Swap that interior lighting to a bright white LED interior light and you’ll find that object in seconds. Want to feel cool? Put some Plasma Glow ambient lighting along the interior of your truck and see how awesome you feel Shop Chux in Kansas City today to get the best interior lights for your truck.