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Grab your headlights right here in Kansas City at Chux Trux. LED or Euro headlights can make a big difference in the looks of your truck. Not only do they get rid of your boring factory headlights, they can improve your nighttime driving with brighter bulbs. Euro headlights, or projector headlights, just look exotic and foreign so that gives your truck a custom look. LED headlights are the lights of the future and look awesome day or night.  Check out the cool Euro and LED headlights we have a Chux today.  

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Chux Trux - LED Headlights
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Find your Anzo, Recon or Spyder Auto headlights in Kansas City right here at one of our three Chux Trux locations to grab some of the coolest headlights around.

What's Included

  • Upgrade your old dull headlights for these bright, clear LED headlights
  • LED lights give off clear, crisp light Ð much more clear than halogen headlights
  • Grab a pair of these headlights to upgrade the look of your vehicle, not just for the bulbs
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More About LED Head lights

LED headlights can get you down the road safer because of their super lighting power. They’re also a lot more efficient than your standard factory headlights. Euro or projector headlights just look cool and will be the first thing others notice on your truck. You can always grab a set of matching Euro tail lights for your truck right here at Chux. We aim (our headlights) to please.