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Pick up your LED light bar right here in Kansas City at Chux Trux. An LED light bar for trucks make a difference in the way you drive off-road. You can go farther into the darkness, see a much wider path and have fixed light when you need it. Light up the night with an off-road LED light bar on your four wheel drive truck. Chux Trux has all of the LED light bars you need with the top makers in the industry: Lazerstar light bars, Rigid light bars and KC HiLites light bars. Get your LED light bar for trucks today right here at Chux.  

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Chux Trux - LED Light Bars
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Find your Rigid Industries and Southern Truck LED light bars in Kansas City right here at one of our three Chux Trux locations for better lighting and better style.

What's Included

  • Light up the night trail, dirt road or any area
  • LED bulbs last for a long time, longer than halogen lights
  • LED light is clear and crisp, not yellow and dull
  • Great for trails, working at night, hunting and camping
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More About LED Light Bars

LED light bars look good on just about any truck, even if you don’t hit the trails. Put a mini LED light bar on your ride just because you can. It’ll give your ride a down to business kind of look that’ll separate you from the crowd. No matter what kind of truck you drive or what you use it for, an LED light bar for trucks is an accessory you need to have. Get yours right here at Chux Trux today.