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Find great performance accessories right here in Kansas City. We’ve got everything you need to boost your vehicle’s power and performance in several different ways. We’ve got performance

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Performance - Air Intakes and Air Filters
Find great air intakes and performance air filters right here in Kansas City. When you want to free up your engine’s breathing and push more power through, look at air performance parts like...More Details »
Performance - Electronics
Find great performance electronics right here in Kansas City. We’ve got all of the mass air sensors and computer chips and tuners you’ll need to get your vehicle to the top of the...More Details »
Performance - Exhaust
Get your exhaust parts right here in Kansas City at Chux Trux. When you want the best exhaust parts out there, you know you can’t find them on an auction site. Don’t complete your...More Details »
Performance - Gauges & Mounts
Get your gauges and mounts right here in Kansas City at Chux Trux. If your truck doesn’t have the best looking gauge cluster, you can take things into your own hands with custom auto gauges....More Details »

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Get the best performance parts right here from Chux in Kansas City. When you want more power, you should get more power. We make it easy no matter what your budget. We have air intakes and filters, exhaust systems, mufflers, mass air sensors, computer programmers and tuners, super chargers and lots more. Shop Chux in Kansas City today to get the best performance accessories for your truck.