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Get the best lift kits and leveling kits right here in Kansas City. Suspension lift kits raise the suspension of your truck so you can tackle the toughest trails and easily navigate the worst pot-hole ridden roads in town. Lift kits also allow you to use the big wheels and tires without worrying about fender clearance. Truck leveling kits level your truck’s stance so it doesn’t have the nose-dive look like a lot of stock trucks have. They also give your truck better handling. Most don’t realize how much improvement can be seen when a leveling kit is installed, but it can vastly improve the stance and look of your truck. 

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More About Lift Kits & Leveling Kits

Truck lift kits and Jeep lift kits are the first thing you should think about when you’re ready for real off roading. Get the lift kit before the wheels and tires or you’ll be buying a new set. Factory size wheels just look like little baby wheels after you install a lift kit. Luckily, Chux Trux has great truck suspension lift kits so you can build your monster truck the right way.  Or if you aren’t going big, just get rid of that unlevel factory stance on your truck by installing a great leveling kit. That unlevel factory stance is like having an overbite. With a little correction, it’ll look awesome. Shop Chux in Kansas City today to get the best lift kit or leveling kit for your truck.??