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Get the best lowering kits right here in Kansas City.If you want to combine head-turning style and upgrading handling, get yourself a truck lowering kit from Chux Trux. Lowering kits drop the body of the truck several inches, depending on the kit you want. This improves handling and steering because it brings your truck’s body lower to the ground. It also looks cool as hell, so that’s a plus too. Get the best truck lowering kits right here at Chux Trux including Eibach, Ground Force, Airlift and Belltech.  

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Compared to your factory suspension, a lowering kit is like a whole new truck. You’ll drive it and wonder why trucks don’t come like this in the first place. Lowering your truck also makes it look better sitting over some big wheels and low profile tires. Take your pick from the best brands of truck lowering kits like Eibach, Ground Force, Airlift and Belltech right here at Chux Trux today.