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Find great camo wraps right here in Kansas City. If camouflage is your thing, we can make it your vehicle. We have digital camo, hunting camo, military camo, colored camo and more things camouflage. We have camouflage vinyl wrap to fit just about any style.  

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Make your truck (or car, ATV, UTV or whatever you want) disappear! Ok, it won't disappear, but installing a camouflage vinyl wrap in RealTree, Mossy Oak and other top brands will make it look right at home in the backwoods of America.

What's Included

  • RealTree in Max -1, 4 & 5, Xtra, Xtra Green, AP, APS, APG and APC
  • MossyOak Winter, Break-Up, Shadow Grass Blades, Obsession, Tree Stand, Duck Blind, Bottomland, Brush, Break-Up Pink, Break-Up Infinity and Country
  • We can wrap your entire vehicle from the front bumper to the rear taillights
  • ItÕll usually last between 5-7 years
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Get the best camo wraps right here from Chux in Kansas City. Let the pros at Chux vinyl wrap your car in the camouflage of your choice. Shop at Chux Trux in Kansas City today and get the best camo wraps for your vehicle.