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Get the best wheel and tire accessories right here in Kansas City. What do you need with your wheels and tires? Wheel and tire accessories, of course. The accessories are the cool stuff like brake dust shields that keep your new rims clean, adapters to make those wheels fit your vehicle like a glove, tire and wheel cleaner, center caps, wheel locks and more. We’ve got all of the wheel and tire accessories you’ll ever want here at Chux. 

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Find your Gorilla Wheel Locks in Kansas City right here at one of our three Chux Trux locations.

What's Included

  • Gorilla makes wheel locks that keep your wheels right where you put them
  • A folding 4-way jack is a must-have when you get aftermarket lug nuts
Item #: Gorilla Wheel Locks
Condition: New

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More About Wheel accessories

Wheel and tire accessories aren’t all that glamorous compared to those fancy rims and cool tires, but they’re necessary. You’ll need things like wheel locks to keep those rims on your vehicle. Brake dust shields keep them shiny and free of that nasty black powder that’s nearly impossible to get off. This also includes wheel and tire cleaner to keep them both looking like new, wheel chocks, tire repair kits and a whole lot more. Come pick out the wheel and tire accessories you need today at Chux Trux.