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Find the best truck wheels right here in Kansas City. The biggest statement of customization you can make is adding a set of truck wheels to your ride. Wheels, or rims, are the aftermarket accessories you put on your truck that makes it stand out the most. Without a set of aftermarket rims, you’re truck can’t reach that certain level of custom. Here at Chux we carry a ton of the top name brands in truck and SUV wheels. We don’t ship wheels at the moment so come on over to one of our retail stores and we’ll hook you up.  

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When you buy rims for your truck, youÕll want to use a wheel visualizer before making that big purchase.

What's Included

  • A wheel visualizer lets you see exactly what your rims are going to look like on your truck
  • You may be thinking black wheels will look cool on your truck, but after using the visualizer to put them on your truck, you might realize black looks like crap
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More About Wheels

Truck wheels make your truck unique even if they are the only accessory you change on an otherwise factory truck. Wheels and rims come in so many sizes, materials, colors and styles, there’s no way you can look at one brand and find the set for you. That’s why Chux Trux carries so many of the top brands on the scene. We’ve got Giovanna, American racing, Moto Metal, KMC, Halo, Rockstar, Gear Alloy, RBP, Dub, XB series and many, many more. Too many to list here. So come on by the shop and find the truck wheels that are right for you today.