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Get the best contractor van interior accessories right here in Kansas City. The folks here at Chux Trux may be the experts on all things trucks, but we also know a whole lot about vans, including commercial and contractor van accessories, van shelving, roof racks and more. We’ve got the top name brands like Weather Guard, Ranger Designs and Masterack for all of your cargo van shelving needs.  

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Cargo van shelving should work like the cabinets in your kitchen – they should be there but you shouldn’t have to worry about whether they’ll work or not. That’s why Chux Trux brings you the best cargo van shelving and interior outfitting companies around. With Weather Guard, Masterack and Ranger Designs you’ll be able to find the exact accessories you need for your business. They’ve got van shelving units that lock, bins, sliding drawers and much more. Come by Chux Trux to get the perfect van interior units for your commercial van.