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Get the best bed mats right here in Kansas City at one of our three Chux Trux locations. Keeping the bed of your truck protected and looking like new isn’t as easy as it sounds. If you actually use your truck bed to haul stuff, you’ll want a truck bed mat.  

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Get your rubber bed mats in Kansas City right here at one of our three Chux Trux locations and keep your truck bed free from scratches and rust.

What's Included

  • Protects your truck bed from scratches, dings and dents
  • Prevents rust from exposed metal because of scratches
  • Helps keep cargo from sliding so much
  • Provides a thin cushion for your cargo
Does the Job as Expected
Item #: Rubber Bed Mat
Condition: New
Price: $89.99

Items 1-1 of 1

More About Mats

Find the perfect bed mat for your truck here at Chux in Kansas City. Keep your bed looking nice and protect it from scratches, dings, dents and wear. Truck bed mats also add a little cushion and help keep your cargo in place. Mats can easily be taken out, washed off and replaced. No permanent liners to worry about here.