Chux Trux - 2007-2011 JK 2dr

Jeep - 2007-2011 JK 2dr

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Jeep - 2007-2011 JK 2dr - 3/4"-2"
  WHY BUY A 3/4"-2" KIT? These kits, known as "budget boost" kits use spacers on the factory coil springs to raise the vehicle.? The 3/4" kits are used many times just in front to level...More Details »
Jeep - 2007-2011 JK 2dr - 3"-4"
  WHY BUY A 3"-4" KIT? This size kit allows for up to a 35? tire using stock fenders. These lifts normally consist of (4) new coil springs, new track bars or relocation brackets, shocks,...More Details »
Jeep - 2007-2011 JK 2dr - 4.5"-6.5"
  WHY BUY A 5.5" KITS? A 5.5" long arm kit on a 2 door is made for maximum articulation.? If you are an avid off roader this kit offers?the wheel travel you need.? Compete with all 8...More Details »