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Find the best bug shields right here in Kansas City at one of our three Chux Trux locations. Bug deflectors  may not be the most sought after truck accessories, but they sure can save your butt from spending a ridiculous amount of money on paint chip repairs. Find the perfect bug deflector for your truck right here at Chux. 

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Get your own AVS Bugflector II right here at Chux Trux in Kansas City or give us a call today. WhatÕs worse than dealing with bugs? Dealing with washing bugs off of your hood and windshield. Or worse, finding the damn bugs have chipped your paint on your hood. This leads to peeling paint and rust. What you need is a bug shield, or bug deflector. The AVS Bugflector II is the absolute best solution. It doesnÕt just keep bugs off of your hood and windshield, it saves your money and saves you from a crusty looking vehicle.

What's Included

  • The bug shield protects your hood and the front of your fenders from nasty bug guts thatÕll eat through the paint and cause chips and peeling paint.
  • DonÕt worry about it falling off going down the road because once installed, this bug deflector is good for years, even in harsh weather and car washes.
  • The bug deflector sits up off of the hood so you can still reach behind it to wash your hood.
  • The Bugflector II is available in smoke tint or clear acrylic so you get to choose which looks better on your vehicle.
Great Styling and Great Fit
Item #: Bugflector II
Condition: New
Price: $69.99

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More About Bug Deflectors

A bug deflector or bug shield can save the front of your hood from nasty paint chips and bug guts. They can also save your windshield from chips by deflecting rocks and other debris up and over your roof. Bug guts stain and chip the paint off of your truck more often and with more damage than you might think. Here at Chux we keep many different brands and styles of bug deflectors for you to choose from. We want your truck protected, but we want to keep you stylish and looking good. Choose from top brands like Auto Ventshade, WeatherTech, Westin, Bushwacker, Lund, Husky liners and Rugged Ridge to find the bug deflector that’s perfect for your truck.