Chux Trux - 2015-2018 Colorado/Canyon

GM - 2015-2018 Colorado/Canyon

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GM - 2015-2018 Colorado/Canyon - 1.25"-2.75""
Fits gas or diesel models. WHY BUY A 1.25"-2" KIT? The Colorado comes with small tires and this will allow you to move up a size or two. TIRE SIZES FOR 1.25"-2" KITS Max Tire 31" More Details »
GM - 2015-2018 Colorado/Canyon - 3"-4.5"
The combo kits do not fit diesel models. WHY BUY A 2.75"-3.25" KIT? These are hybrid kits combining a body lift and a level kit.? The advantage is getting approximately 3" of lift for less...More Details »
GM - 2015-2018 Colorado/Canyon - 5"-6"
Fits gas or diesel models. WHY BUY A 5"-6" KIT? These are the right kits to fit 33" tires.? Plus 18 wheels fit the best but you can run a zero offset with some trimming. TIRE SIZES FOR 5"-6"...More Details »