Q: Will Aftermarket Parts Void My Truck's Warranty?

This article was copied from SEMA.org:

In a Consumer Alert issued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the agency confirmed that “The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act makes it illegal for companies to void your warranty or deny coverage under the warranty simply because you used an aftermarket part.” The alert outlines key provisions in the law that provides protections to car owners. As defined by the FTC, an “aftermarket' part is a part made by a company other than the vehicle manufacturer or the original equipment manufacturer.” 

“The FTC’s reference to aftermarket parts is equally applicable to specialty parts,” said Russ Deane, SEMA’s General Counsel. “Under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, the warranty cannot be conditioned to a specific brand of parts, services or vehicle modifications unless those parts or services are provided free of charge.”

The alert notes that a consumer has the right to patronize independent retail stores and repair shops for parts and service without fear of voiding the new car warranty. The dealer/vehicle manufacturer has the right to deny a warranty repair but they must demonstrate that the aftermarket part caused the problem. The warranty remains in effect for all other covered parts.

The FTC alert may be downloaded using this link.

The alert was issued in response to an FTC complaint filed by the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA), Automotive Oil Change Association (AOCA) and the Tire Industry Association (TIA). 

If you have any more questions on this topic, please feel free to contact us.

Q: What is the Chux Trux Best Price Guarantee?

If you find a lower price at another local store on a new, identical item, show us the lower price at the time of purchase in the form of a quote or a call to the competitor and we will match it on the spot. Or show us the lower price within 30 days of your CHUX purchase and we will pay you the difference.

Our price is the final price you pay after any discounts, coupons, instant savings and mail-in savings are applied. We will match the other store's price after deducting their instant rebates and coupons. We will not match the other store's mail-in rebates nor will we deduct the value of any gift with purchase.

We reserve the right to modify or cancel the Best Price Guarantee at any time without prior notice. Any modification will be effective immediately upon posting of the modified Best Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions on chuxtrux.com. We reserve the right to verify the authenticity of any other stores' offer or Competitors' offer.

These terms are effective as of March 1, 2013. Our price guarantee does not apply to installation labor, to the competitor's closeout, discontinued, clearance, liquidation or to damaged items. Limited to reasonable quantities.

* Refunds are paid by the same method as the original payment (credit card, cash, check, etc.). All refunds require original invoice, customer name, address, phone number, driver’s license number and customer signature.

Q: Are Your Prices Really as Good as Buying Online?

Pretty, much. While our goal isn't to be the Walmart, low/no service company in our industry, our multiple locations and buying power usually make us priced right around the internet guys and Amazon, and in a lot of cases we're even WAAYYY less than they are. Give us a shot. If we aren't let us know. We're good guys and easy to work with.

Returns & Exchanges

Q: Return Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may return the item within 30 days of delivery of your order. For orders placed between November 15th to December 24st (the holiday shopping season), the return period is  30 days from the December 26th. The following rules apply:

  • Products must be in new and re-sellable condition with original packaging, papers etc.
  • Any product that was installed, partially installed, or used in any way is non-returnable.
  • Shipping Fees are non-refundable.  Sorry.  If you can get FedEx (or whatever shipping company) to refund their work, you’re a brilliant negotiator.  But we’ve never been able to get them to do it.
  • All returns must get an RMA number PRIOR to returning it to us.  Any part without this RMA number will be refused in shipping and returned to you (costing you shipping money).  So please, follow our simple procedures to make this as painless as possible for all of us
  • We have a few non-returnable products & services that are listed below.
  • Order cancellations can only be requested before the shipment is processed, or in some cases, prior to a part being painted or manufactured.

Q: Return Procedure

To return a product to us, you first need to request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). Our RMA form will tell you the correct return address and detailed instructions on how to return a product.  The return address may be different than the address it shipped from.  You may request an RMA using the following methods:

Please tell us what specific items you want to return and what the reason is. You will receive an email with an RMA form attached. Please allow processing time of 24 to 72 hours since in many instances, we have to wait for a manufacturer's response.

Q: Exchange Procedure

There are 2 ways you can go about exchanging a product:

Option 1 (Faster) – Order the new part you want online or call us so we can ship it as soon as possible.  Then use our form to request an RMA for the part(s) you want to return. As soon as we receive the approved part back, we’ll issue your refund lickety split.

Option 2 (Slower) – Request an RMA for the part(s) you want to exchange. On your request form, please tell us the exact item’s you want us to ship in exchange. Once we receive your returned item(s), we’ll process your exchange and get your new part(s) shipped right out. You will be either refunded or charged the difference in price between your new parts and your returned parts.

Q: Refunds & Credits

Once we accept your return, we’ll issue a refund in the same payment method as you had originally used to place your order (Credit Card, Paypal, or Check).

We’ll send you an email confirming receipt of the returned part and your credit. Please allow from 5-7 days for the credit to appear on your account.  This isn’t a delay on our part. It’s your credit card company making money by earning interest on your cash.  That’s just how they work and we have no control over them.

ChuxTrux.com doesn’t refund any labor charges or installation fees under any conditions. ChuxTrux.com will also not offer reimbursement for any damage acquired during installation or any other use of a product.

Q: Return Shipping

If the return is due to an error on Chux Trux part, or a manufacturer error, we’ll “buy the ride” back to us.  Otherwise the customer is responsible for any charges in return shipping to get the product back to us.  Hey, it’s probably a lot cheaper than putting it in your car and driving it to us in Kansas City or whatever warehouse it needs to go to.

Q: Restocking Fees

Some parts that are eligible for a refund have a 20% restocking fee.  These parts still must return the part with all of the original packaging, papers, hardware, etc. and parts must be in new and unused condition.

Q: Defective, Damaged, or Incorrect Products

Accidents happen sometimes, we all know that. If you receive part(s) from us that show up defective, damaged, or just plain wrong, please contact our customer service department as soon as possible.

Please DO NOT try to use or install the part! We’ll send out a replacement part and will send you a shipping label with the freight prepaid to return the defective part. All returned product(s) must be received by us within 30 days from date of purchase. If damage was caused by a shipping courier (FedEx, etc.), we will schedule them to pick up the damaged item.

If you request us to ship a replacement part prior to the return of original merchandise, then a temporarily authorization of your credit card is required until the original merchandise is returned as we’ve outlined earlier

Q: Order Cancellations

Some parts may ship from our warehouse, a distribution center or direct from the manufacturer. If you request that we cancel an order or a part, please be aware that it takes time for a manufacturer to cancel an order. This process isn’t as simple as hitting a key on a computer.  It may involve our staff voiding orders in our computer systems, having our team pull items from production schedules and sometimes even catching orders on our shipping dock before they get on the truck. Please be aware that we try to ship parts as fast as possible, so we recommend that you don’t purchase alternate parts until we send a final confirmation of your cancelled order.

Q: Non Returnable Products & Services

The following products cannot be exchanged or returned due to manufacturer's policies or their made-to-order custom features:

  • Any item marked as a special order, custom order or parts or marked as non-returnable.
  • Any item that has been painted
  • Any costs associated with painting products (ex. spoilers, body kits, calipers ...)
  • Interior dashboard/dash Kits
  • All wheels
  • Any item with embroidery or custom logos


Q: Full-Time Positions

Chux Trux is very selective about hiring. Chux Trux is the best only because the people who work here are the best. Every step is taken to make sure there is a good fit between Chux Trux and the potential new team member.

  • STEP 1
    Complete the online application for a full-time position. This will automatically be sent to our Human Resources department. This must be done even if you want to send in your resume? as well.
  • STEP 2
    After completing the application, it will be reviewed to see if there is a match between your experience & qualifications with our current positions we have open and their requirements. If there is a match, you will called to have a short phone interview. Should it be determined that we would like to continue to explore the possibility of you joining our team, you will take the Chux Trux assessment questionnaire. This initial process takes about 15-20 minutes. Your application and results will be reviewed by the Human Resources. If your assessment and application information pass Chux Trux standards...
  • STEP 3
    Face to face interview. This interview helps us determine if you are right for Chux Trux, and for you to find out if Chux Trux is right for you. If both of us agree there is a match, there could be additional interviews to determine if there is a good fit with our team. If there is?
  • STEP 4
    Drug screening, employment reference check, criminal background check and credit check (depending on position). If these check out...
  • STEP 5
    The Personnel Manager will make a job offer. But before you accept, make sure the job is right for you. You are encouraged to talk to store team members at any store to find out what the job is like.
  • STEP 6
    Training is an extension of the hiring process. During the orientation process, there is extensive one-on-one initial training, online training, and you and your Initial Trainer will have the opportunity to determine if Chux Trux is right for you. That's a lot of steps. And it's why Chux Trux is the best in the industry. Chux Trux standards for the people it hires is held to the same high level as the quality of its merchandise, store facilities, and level of service

Q: Facts You Should Know Before You Apply

  • As a member of the store personnel team, you will be required to work weekends.
  • Employees are required to work their regularly scheduled shifts. Since Chux Trux stores are open 6 days a week, we may have company or store meetings from time to time on Sunday?s or after hours.
  • All Chux Trux employees are required to wear only specified uniforms and must comply with the employee appearance standards.
  • The job is physically demanding, requiring you to be on your feet up to ten hours a day. Punctuality is a must since Store Team Members rely on you to have the store ready for peak sales periods. All employees are expected to be at work on time.
  • Chux Trux customer service and operating standards are extremely high. Maintaining stores to CHUX standards means doing repetitive and routine tasks, including some of which you may not like, such as: emptying trash, picking up the lot, mopping floors, cleaning restrooms, sweeping lots, working in the shop, performing shipping & receiving tasks, and other things. All employees are required to complete tasks in scheduled hours.
  • Staffing of part-time help is rare, due to the enormous amount of product knowledge training that is required, and the time that it takes to learn this critical information.

If you have read the above statements, and you understand Chux Trux expectations, please click on the link below.
Click Here to go to employment application.

Q: Store Security

The safety and security of Chux Trux store team members and customers are high priority concerns. Chux Trux has set and exceeded the standards for security in the industry.

  • Chux Trux stores are all brightly lit both inside and out.
  • Uncluttered front windows ensure open visibility to the street and/or parking area whenever possible.
  • Multiple sophisticated alarm and video recording/surveillance monitoring devices are in place in every store.

All new store team members receive comprehensive safety training.

It all pays off. Chux Trux stores have an outstanding security record. That means our store team members and our customers have peace of mind.

Q: Training

Starting from the first day on the job, Chux Trux provides the training and the opportunity for each team member to reach their full potential.

Orientation Training

Orientation training has two purposes. First, it provides all the information a new team member will need to be successful in his or her job. Second, it is an opportunity for the new team member and for Chux Trux to determine if the job will be a good fit.

New full-time team members receive a large amount of hands-on training. The first day consists of an orientation session with the Training Manager, usually at the Home Store in Independence, Mo. to give new team members a background of what Chux Trux is all about and what Chux Trux expects from them. Along with this, there is approximately 8 hours of online training. The rest of the two weeks is normally spent with a store manager at a high volume store, who will work side-by-side with the new team member in the store he or she will be assigned to. This one-on-one, on-the-job training has proven to be very effective in getting the new team member off and running.

Ongoing Training

Training continues throughout every team member's career at Chux Trux. Store Managers conduct follow-up training during weekly meetings with each team.

Newly promoted Store Managers go through a 30 day training period in their assigned store, and then have follow up training with the Training Manager.

Training is not something that is one way at Chux Trux. Everyone is expected to continually improve their own skills and abilities as well as to train and support other team members.

Every shift at Chux Trux is busy and involves a multitude of tasks. A typical shift in the life of a Chux Trux store team member might include any or all of the following jobs:

  • Give fast, friendly, professional sales assistance
  • Answer phones in the most professional manner possible
  • Write orders
  • Read daily e-mail
  • Pick up the parking lot
  • Wipe down counters and displays
  • Check in vendors parts
  • Restock the sales floor
  • Sweep and mop floor
  • Install parts per our systems
  • Put up warehouse order
  • Clean installation area
  • Clean rest rooms
  • Attend store team and 1-on-1 meetings
  • Empty trash containers
  • Clean sidewalk and parking lot
  • Clean window/door glass
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • All while giving fast, friendly, professional assistance to our customers and SELL, SELL, SELL throughout the day

Sound like a lot? It is, and there's a lot of little stuff we left off the list.

Chux Trux is a place where Team Members work hard to make each store the very best they can. It is not an easy job, but it is one where team members who make the commitment have great opportunities to grow and succeed.

Q: Work Schedules

Job schedules for Store Management

Store management works open to close, 5 days a week, alternating Saturdays off. The manager working on Saturday will be off one weekday, normally Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday depending on the specific store employment situations.

Job schedules for full-time employee?s ? non management

Regular full-time employees will almost always work Saturday, and be off Sunday (when we are closed) and one weekday. We try to keep work schedules are as consistent as possible to give our staff the same days off every week, but this is not guaranteed. You will generally have 1 full week?s notice on work schedules.

Part-Time Drivers

Part-Time driver jobs work flexible employment schedules based on customer flow and scheduled tasks. The job schedule may change from day to day. Store Managers work with the drivers on a daily basis regarding the following days schedule.

Q: Career Paths

One of the keys to Chux Trux success is due to promoting people from within rather than hiring outside.

Chux Trux does everything possible to promote from within. We have an excellent track record for this in our long history. Based on how well you do their job and other factors, you may earn promotions to higher positions as they become available.

Chux Trux operates brick & mortar retail stores, selling to both wholesale & retail customers, as well as operate an ecommerce unit. All efforts are focused toward making every aspect of our business successful. That takes a lot of effort from all departments in the company.

Many of the people in key positions in support departments started in entry-level store positions. Some had prior experience or education. Many more had no prior work background, but showed the ability to learn new things, to take on new challenges, and produce results.

Here is a partial list of staff and management positions outside line operations currently filled by people who started in the stores:

  • President/Chief Executive Officer
  • VP Sales & Marketing
  • Inventory Manager
  • Fleet Accounts Manager
  • Store Managers
  • Assistant Managers
  • Training Manager

Q: Benefits

Job Benefits at Chux Trux

Chux Trux offers a wide range of job benefits that you will enjoy that start as soon as 90 days after your start date. The job benefits programs listed are only a summary of job benefits and may be changed from time to time. Taking advantage of employment opportunities with Chux Trux can benefit you in many ways.

Insurance Benefits (Full-Time Employees)

  • Health: Chux Trux contributes approximately 40% of the total cost of the plan for the employee and immediate family members. 

  • Vision: Covers a portion of eye examinations and glasses or contact lenses.

Financial Benefits

  • 401(k): the annual maximum amount of $15,500 from each employee's compensation can be invested in Chux Trux 401(k) plan. Chux Trux matches the employee's contribution at a 50% rate for up to 4% of their annual pay.
  • Spiff opportunities on selling products
  • Bonus plan based on a profitability and other factors
  • Paid Holidays
  • Employee referral bonus
  • Paid Parental leave for childbirth or adoption
  • Paid bereavement leave
  • Paid time off to volunteer for a local charity
  • Paid jury duty

Earned Time Off - (Paid time off for vacation / sick time)

  • 2 days after 6 months of full-time employment
  • 7 days after 1 year of full-time employment
  • 9 days after 2 years of full-time employment
  • 12 days after 3 years of full-time employment
  • 14 days after 4 years of full-time employment
  • 17 days after 5 years of full-time employment
  • 23 days after 10 years or more of full-time employment
  • Part-time employees accrue vacation after 2 years of employment

Other Job Benefits For Both Full and Part Time

  • Bi-weekly paychecks
  • Direct payroll deposit
  • Employee assistance program
  • Free Lunch once a month
  • Quarterly teambuilding outings
  • Employee discount lets you buy parts at our cost. Installation services are available at 50% off
  • We promote from within whenever possible. The best-qualified person gets the job, but we always look at our team 1st

Q: Career Opportunities

Chux Philosophy

  • Provide exceptional customer service
  • Treat others as you want to be treated
  • Do Things Right
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Under-promise & Over-deliver in everything you do

Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Intelligence
  • Self motivation
  • Positive attitude
  • Respectful
  • Accountability


Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions and answers to what people should know about holding full time employment / part time employment with Chux Trux.

Q: Can I choose the store I work in?

A: No. Chux Trux will assign you to a store that best meets your abilities and that has an opening for full time / part time employment. Every effort will be made to assign you to a location that is reasonably close to where you live.

Q: Will I have to work weekends and holidays?

A: Yes. Chux Trux stores are always open, and that means most store team members will work on weekends. All Store Managers and Assistant Managers rotate weekends off. That's the reward for doing your job well and earning promotions.

Q: How often do we get paid?

A: Everyone in full time / part time employment is paid bi-weekly. Store profit, commissions, spiffs and customer service bonuses are paid monthly.

Q: How long does it take to get promoted?

A: It depends on available positions and on your performance. This can be as short as 6 months or take several years.

Q: What do I have to do to get promoted?

A: A number of factors are evaluated in employment. Key factors in employment performance are customer service, attendance, cash and inventory accuracy, contribution to the company through ideas and solutions you offer, customer service, teamwork, customer service, work pace and of course, customer service.

Q: Will I get a meal break?

A: Chux Trux people have developed a real talent for eating on the run. Although our stores are very busy, there's usually time to grab something to eat as long as you don't wait on customers with your mouth full.

Q: What is your dress code?

A: Ties and paper hats are forbidden. Store team members need to be fashionable and comfortable. Chux Trux has some of the coolest shirts for new full time / part time employees to wear. These are payroll deducted over a period of time, and you are reimbursed for them if you leave the company. Certain rules apply. We are pretty picky about the appearance of the employees who wait on our customers. No shaggy beards, wild mustaches, offensive tattoos, or tongue posts while employed at Chux Trux full time / part time.

Q: What kind of security measures do you have?

A: Chux Trux is very concerned about the security of full time / part time store team members and CHUX customers. More about security.

Q: Will I have to work a lot of overtime?

A: That depends on the situation. All Chux positions have posted hours they are required to work. We try to keep these as consistent as possible. Since payroll is the highest expense ANY company has, Chux Trux is smart about money and keeps overtime to a bare minimum. If we are short handed, someone on your team is sick or on vacation, overtime is likely. Of course, all hours worked over 40 during a week are paid at time-and-a-half.

Q: What Customers Say about Chux

Here are is sample from the thousands of unsolicited compliments from Chux Trux:

The first stop I made after purchasing my truck was to Chux Trux on 40 Highway.
Your people were very helpful and considerate to my needs for my truck in relationship to my job and pleasure.
I?m senior sales manager for a local beer wholesaler in the Kansas City metro market. I felt very confidante about my purchase of an A.R.E. cover after speaking with the salesmen and the gentleman that was going to install the cover.

Thank you,
Steve S.
Sr. Sales Manager
North Kansas City Beverage

I?m buying about $1,600 worth of Thule stuff from Jake at your Olathe store and he?s getting it installed for me next week. I also wanted you to know I think Jake is a great kid to work with and was very helpful with the Thule products. Please let me know if there?s anything we can do for you at Chux Trux! Thanks again and have a nice weekend.

Thomas S.
Communications Technology Specialist
Direct Communications Inc.

Well, my friends, I am happy to say that Chux Trux came through for me!
was in a jam for a windshield hinge over the weekend and Chux Trux was the only vendor that could get it to me same day. Rather than paying $62 to have the part sent over-night, they had it waiting for me by 3PM. AND TO BOOT, even though nobody knew of it, they even gave me a KCJeepClub discount!
The Olathe store took care of me and has earned my business. Just thought I'd share, as we talk about how nobody gets the "well done" anymore.

KC Jeep Club member

Thank you so much for helping us make our deadline with the blue trucks. You guys are awesome!!!! I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the great customer service your store provides us.

Gina L.
Vehicle Acquisition Supervisor


Q: Chux Best Price Guarantee

If you find a lower price at another local store on a new, identical item, show us the lower price at the time of purchase in the form of a quote or a call to the competitor and we will match it on the spot. Or show us the lower price within 30 days of your CHUX purchase and we will pay you the difference.

Our price is the final price you pay after any discounts, coupons, instant savings and mail-in savings are applied. We will match the other store's price after deducting their instant rebates and coupons. We will not match the other store's mail-in rebates nor will we deduct the value of any gift with purchase.

We reserve the right to modify or cancel the Best Price Guarantee at any time without prior notice. Any modification will be effective immediately upon posting of the modified Best Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions on chuxtrux.com. We reserve the right to verify the authenticity of any other stores' offer or Competitors' offer.

These terms are effective as of March 1, 2013. Our price guarantee does not apply to installation labor, to the competitor's closeout, discontinued, clearance, liquidation or to damaged items. Limited to reasonable quantities.

* Refunds are paid by the same method as the original payment (credit card, cash, check, etc.). All refunds require original invoice, customer name, address, phone number, driver’s license number and customer signature.

Q: Will that part void my factory warranty

Consumers of aftermarket products are protected by The Federal Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act. The Act states that if something breaks on the car and the consumer takes it in for warranty repair, the dealer must honor the warranty unless they can prove that whatever modifications have been added actually caused the problem. Please keep in mind that towing in anything higher than level two and hard driving in levels four and five are not recommended.

While consumers have strong legal protection with regards to their vehicle’s warranty, there is also a practical reality that different automotive manufacturers and dealers have greatly varying views on aftermarket products, in particular those that produce horsepower, such as performance enhancement chips, modified intake manifolds, or aftermarket exhaust systems. There are dealers and manufacturers that will use the presence of a horsepower upgrade to void the vehicle’s warranty, regardless of whose product the customer is using. Any aftermarket company that does not acknowledge this is misleading the consumer.

Bottom line: while the law protects the consumer and provides for enforcement of the warranty, it is very difficult for most people to hire an attorney and fight a voided warranty.

If you have any more questions on this topic, please feel free to contact us.


Q: Customer Information

ChuxTrux.com puts a high value on trust and recognizes the need for appropriate protection and management of the personal information you share with us. This privacy policy is written to explain to you what information we may collect, how we?ll use this information and what your choices are regarding the use and retention of this information.

Q: Communications

If you select during the order process or at other times when you submit personally identifiable information, the information you provide may be used by Chux Trux to create and deliver to you our newsletters, surveys or other communications containing product information. If you prefer not to receive such Communications, please do not select the ‘Please inform me option’. If you do select this option and later decide that you would no longer like to receive these communications, please use the features made available to you.

Q: Communications to Serve You

If you have elected to provide us with your contact information, e.g., by registering at the Site, emailing our Customer Service department or placing an order, we may provide you with service related announcements concerning the Site or contact you regarding your customer service requests or your order. For example, all registered users will receive an email to confirm their order. These types of communications are necessary to serve you, respond to your concerns and to provide the high level of customer service that Chux Trux offers its customers.

Disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information

We will never provide your personally identifiable information to third parties for their use in marketing their products or services to you without your consent. Chux Trux takes great pride in having you as a customer and we will ensure your privacy as a customer. Chux Trux does not sell or exchange names or any other information about our customers with third parties.

Q: Fraud Protection and Compliance with Law

We may disclose any information, including personally identifiable information, we deem necessary, in our sole discretion, to comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request. We may also exchange information, including personally identifiable information, with other companies and organizations for credit fraud protection and risk reduction.

Q: Service Providers

We may retain other companies and individuals to perform functions consistent with our Privacy Policy on our behalf. Examples include customer support specialists, web hosting companies, fulfillment companies (e.g., companies that fill product orders or coordinate mailings), data analysis firms and email service providers. Such third parties may be provided with access to personally identifiable information needed to perform their functions, but may not use such information for any other purpose.

Q: Special Events

If you elect to participate in any promotions, sweepstakes, surveys, questionnaires or other events during your visit to our Site, the rules or terms and conditions for those events may indicate that your personally identifiable information will be shared with third parties. By choosing to participate and submitting your personally identifiable information with respect to such events, you consent to disclosure of your personally identifiable information to such third parties.

Q: Business Transfers

As we continue to develop our business, we might sell certain of our assets. In such transactions, user information, including personally identifiable information, generally is one of the transferred business assets, and by submitting your personal information on the Site you agree that your data may be transferred to such parties in these circumstances.

Q: Cookies, IP Addresses, Pixel Tags and Tracking Technology

We may place a "cookie" on your computer's hard drive so we can recognize you as a return user and personalize your experience. A cookie is a piece of data that enables us to track and target your preferences. The cookie will be stored on your computer's hard drive until you remove it. We may also use temporary or "session" cookies to help you shop. These cookies will expire when you place an order. You can have your browser notify you of, or automatically reject, cookies. If you reject our cookies, you may still use the Site, but you may be limited in the use of some of the features. In addition, we may use IP addresses to analyze trends, administer the Site, track traffic patterns, and gather demographic information for aggregate use, as well as in combination with your personally identifiable information for credit fraud protection and risk reduction.

Similarly, when you visit this Site or view one of our emails, we may use pixel tags (also called "clear" gifs), tracking links and/or similar technology to note some of the pages you visit on our Site and personalize your experience. We may also use pixel tags to determine what types of email your browser supports. We may use the information collected through pixel tags, tracking links and similar technology in combination with your personally identifiable information.

YOUR DOMAIN NAME HERE does recognize your ISP (internet service provider), however, we cannot identify you as an individual. If you make an on-line purchase we do collect information (such as sales statistics and traffic patterns) to help improve your shopping experience. We keep all information confidential.

Q: Use of Aggregate Information

We may use the information you provide in aggregate (non-personally identifiable) form for internal business purposes, such as generating statistics and developing marketing plans. We may collect, store or accumulate certain non-personally identifiable information concerning your use of the Site, such as information regarding which of our pages are most popular. We may share or transfer non-personally identifiable information with or to our affiliates, licensees and partners.

Q: Links

This Privacy Policy applies only to the information collected on this Site. Our Site may contain links to or from other websites and you should be aware that we are not responsible for the privacy practices of other websites. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of other websites linked to the Site.

Q: Security

Chux Trux seeks to protect the security of your personal information both online and offline. All credit card transactions are secure. Every on-line order is encrypted and sent through a secure server, using SSL technology to prevent information from being intercepted.

Confidential information such as your credit card number will be used only to fulfill your order. To protect your privacy, we will ask you to enter your credit card number and expiration date each time you place an order with us. This way, even if someone else accesses the account information stored on your computer, they won't be able to use your credit card.

E-mail is not encrypted and is not a secure means to transmit credit card numbers. We will only display the last 4 digits of your credit card number on your account.

Q: Notification of Policy Changes

Chux Trux reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy in the future by posting changes at this location and we may make changes at any time without notification.

Q: Updating Personal Information

If you are a registered member at Chux Trux, you can change your personal information at any time by updating your information at check-out.

Q: Contacting Us

We welcome your comments and questions about privacy. Please contact us via email with your concerns

We are confident that your visit to Chux Trux is secure and safe. However, you may choose to call us directly to place your order over the telephone. Please call Customer Service toll free at 816-373-8789.