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Color Change Wraps

Color Change Wraps

Matte finish wraps have never been more popular. The fastest way to give your Kansas City car, truck or Jeep an update is to wrap it in a modern color or finish like the flat black wrap (matte black). If you want "kick axx" then click the box below to see just a few examples of how you can transform your ride into something people are taking pictures of and talking about for years.

What's Included

  • Choose from a wide range of flat vinyl colors
  • Can be removed without damage to OEM paint
  • Available in a matte, gloss or satin finish
  • Car wash safe and long lasting
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If you’re thinking about making a change on your vehicle, there’s no better way than a matte finish color change wrap. Not only will your vehicle be a completely different color than it is now, the matte finish looks awesome and turns heads everywhere it goes.

If you’re not into the full flat matte look and want a little more shine, go for our satin finish vinyl wrap. It’s like a flat finish, but has a light sheen to it. It’s nowhere near glossy like a factory paint job. It looks close to matte vinyl, but with a pearl finish to it. This satin vinyl wrap looks awesome on just about any vehicle and gives you another choice if you like the matte or flat finishes.

The matte and satin vinyl wraps look great on the hood and roof, but they really stand out when you use them as color change wraps. Change the color of your vehicle in just a few days without the intensive labor and high cost of using paint to change the color.

The awesome thing about using vinyl wrap over paint to change your vehicle’s color is that the wrap protects your original paint underneath. Let us apply the vinyl wrap to your car and you keep it that way for several years. When you’re ready for a new color or want to go back to the original color, just remove the vinyl and there you go. Any bug spots, chips or any road debris has been landing on the vinyl, keeping your paint shielded from damage. And of course, the vinyl doesn’t hurt your paint either.

At Chux Trux, we only use top quality vinyl and application techniques, so you get the longest life out of your color change wrap. Take it through a brushless car wash or wash it in your driveway. It’ll stay put and look great for years. 

We have tons of colors to choose from in both matte and satin finishes. You can even choose different colors or finishes for different areas of your car to create a very unique and custom look.

To get the most out of your color change wrap, come by Chux Trux Kansas City location and pick out your matte or satin finish vinyl wrap today.

Benefits of Matte Wraps

  • Choose from a wide range of flat vinyl colors.
  • Can be removed without damage to OEM paint.
  • Protects you paint from daily wear and tear.
  • Available in a flat or satin finish.
  • Combine multiple matte colors for an amazing effect.
  • Car wash safe and long lasting

 Popular Matte Colors 

  • Matte Black Car Wrap.
  • Satin Black Car Wrap.
  • Satin White Car Wrap.
  • Matte Dark Gray Wrap.
  • Satin Orange Wrap.
  • Satin Red Wrap

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  • Color Change Wraps
  • Color Change Wraps
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