Want to tint your truck or car? We can do that!

Want illegal tint on your vehicle?

We can do that too, but we won’t.

Tint that is 34% or darker is illegal in MO and KS unless you have a medical waiver of some kind. If you want your tint darker than the legal limit of 35% you are completely and solely responsible.

We don’t offer tint darker than 20% on the front door windows and we don’t tint windshields other than eyebrows. That includes “stacking” lighter tint to make the end result darker.

Keep in mind that anything under 35% is illegal in Kansas and Missouri and you may get a ticket if you get pulled over. Cops don’t really like when they can’t see inside your front windows. And usually for good reason. But the ticket you get won’t be good or cheap. If you choose to go with 20% on the front windows and get pulled over, you could be told to pull it off right there in front of the officer. Wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened.

The good thing is, even when you stay within legal limits of tint on your windows, tint can look and work awesome. Darker windows look good from outsiders by giving your windows the same shade and look. From the inside, tinted windows offer protection to your eyes from the sun. It’ll also help protect your upholstery, dash and other interior parts from the harsh UV rays. Another thing even legal tint is good for is privacy. You are allowed to go darker on any door or window that is behind the driver’s door so that offers even more privacy in the rear seats of your vehicle.

Tint is a great addition to your vehicle whether you’ve got all the latest gadgets and accessories or you like staying with the factory look. Even factory windows are coming tinted these days. If your factory vehicle isn’t tinted dark enough for your liking, we can help you out with that, as long as it’s still within the legal limits.

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