When you choose to vinyl wrap your vehicle, you get an added bonus of easy upkeep. Not only does the wrap protect your original paint, the vinyl itself is pretty easy to clean. That said, there are a few things you can do to keep your new wrap looking good and lasting several years.

First Things First

Keep a close eye on your new wrap for the first few weeks. If you notice anything out of place like bubbles or peeling edges, let us know. These things can easily be taken care of and fixed in the first few weeks when the wrap is still new.

When you stop for gas, make sure to keep all gasoline off of the wrap. If you happen to get any gas on the vinyl, wash it with soap and water as soon as possible so it doesn’t mess up the vinyl.

Washing Your Vinyl Wrapped Vehicle

You can take your vehicle through drive-thru car washes, but we don’t recommend it. The only one we’d try is a brushless wash. The brushes or rags that most drive-thru washes use can catch the edge of your vinyl wrap and cause it to fail. They can also dull the vinyl material.

The best and safest way to wash your vinyl wrap is by hand with soap and water. For the soap, we recommend Crystaltek Wrap Wash. Use a soft sponge, towel or wash mitt and then rinse using a garden hose. If you use a spray attachment on the hose, keep it at low pressure.

Crystaltek Wash Wrap should work on stubborn things like tar or bug guts. Wipe the area with isopropyl alcohol and then use the Wash Wrap on it.

Pressure Washing

Sometimes you’ve got a pressure washer in your hands and feel the need to clean your vehicle. Don’t do it. But if you absolutely have to, stay away from the edges and seams so the water doesn’t get pushed under the vinyl. Stay at least 18” away with a maximum pressure of 800 psi and don’t use water hotter than 100 degrees.

Keep It Looking Good

If you want to keep your vinyl wrap looking like new, use Crystaltek Wrap Polish. We don’t recommend using regular automotive waxes since they can melt in the hot sun and stain your vinyl.

Use a synthetic chamois or micro fiber towel for drying your vinyl wrap. It can get water spots just like paint if you don’t dry it.

Vinyl wrap is a great alternative to paint in lots of ways. Take a few extra steps to keep it clean and looking good are definitely worth the trouble.

If you’ve got questions about your vinyl wrap or want to have your vehicle wrapped, stop by Chux Trux in Kansas City and we’ll hook you up.