Chevy SS suspension handling kit    Chevy SS lowering kit 

Since Chevy debuted the SS sedan in 2014, very little has been seen or heard from these sleepers.  With a 6.2L, 415HP LS3 V-8 motor and rear wheel drive, you’ve got a near equivalent of a Corvette-powered family cruiser.


And while there are other makes of high HP sedans on the road today that aren’t as “sleepy”, die-hard GM fans have mostly good things to say about this highway rocket.  But where this car is lacking is the sports car stance. Overall, this still looks like a sporty family car that might make the mother-in-law say, “Holy crap” when you nail the pedal to the floor while taking her to her annual Mother’s Day brunch.


The handling was fairly decent right out of Detroit, but it was no Lingenfelter Corvette. Some recent customers thought the same thing and brought their 2016 and 2017 SS’s to us for some handling and stance modifications.


 2017 Chevy SS lowering kit     2016 Chevy SS Eibach spring kit

This kit drops the front end 1.2” and the rear 1.3” according to Eibach’s engineering crew.  But it’s not just about the drop.  The springs are a progressive rate which means that they ride soft when floating down the highway with all the slight dips and shallow spots in the road, but they progressively get more firm the harder you make them work.  So if you are going down your street they ride great, but if you hit a corner hard, the springs start to compress slightly and as they compress they get progressively more firm to keep the car flat and level.


We installed an Eibach Pro-series spring kit to lower the center of gravity, reduce the squat you get under hard acceleration along with body roll in cornering and minimize nose-diving from harder braking. This kit also reduces the excessive fender-well gaps giving it a MUCH sportier appearance.  When you combine it with a slightly larger tire and rim setup, you get some subtle appearance improvements with noticeable handling upgrades.


Eibach Chevy SS Lowering Kit  

And there are no alignment issues with this high-quality kit. It aligns to the cars OEM specs without any issues.


The red 2017 SS pictured is running factory wheels and tires while the black 2016 is running a staggered fitment setup with 20x8.5” rims in the front and 20x10’s in the rear.


 2017 Chevy SS lowering kit Kansas City     2016 Chevy SS lowering kit kansas city


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