Carbon fiber vinyyl wrapCamo Wrap, Carbon Fiber Wrap and More

Ready to make your vehicle really stand out? Treat yourself to some carbon fiber or camo vinyl wrap. There’s no better way to have the one vehicle everyone stares at in a parking lot full of cars.

These graphic vinyl wrap patterns don’t have to be loud and scary looking. Go with a dark, original looking carbon fiber for more of a subtle look. Camo vinyl wrap doesn’t have to be bold, contrasting colors that yell out as you drive by. Unless you want it be.

Graphics and Images

You can have any picture or image you want transferred onto vinyl and wrap your vehicle in it, as long as it’s a high resolution image with no unwanted background. Want to show off your sunset picture down the side of your van? Bring it in and we’ll put it on there. Drive a clunker and want a picture of a Porshe down the side? Bring in a good picture of a Porshe and we can wrap it up for you. You can even get the image of your cats wrapped right there on your vehicle. The taste and judgment are all up to you.

Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap

Carbon fiber is just hot. But in a cool, you-know-something-that-they-don’t kind of way. Whether you use a little or a lot, carbon fiber vinyl wrap says you’ve got style and know how to use it. Cover your hood, trunk, mirrors, accent pieces and even interior pieces. This sporty, high-tech graphic pattern is stylish and here to stay no matter what kind of vehicle you have.

Carbon Fiber doesn’t have to always be done in the same gray/black color pattern. We can get carbon fiber in many different colors like white, grey anthracite, gold and more.

Camo vinyl wrapCamo Vinyl Wrap

Camo is a popular choice in vinyl wrapping but it’s because there are so many styles and patterns of camouflage to choose from. If you’re into hunting or just happen to like grass and trees, go for the hunting style camo patterns from RealTree or Mossy Oak. Don’t stop with the rocker panels or sides of your truck. Go for the interior too. Bring the bush inside and you’ll enjoy your camo from the driver’s seat.

There’s also digital camo, military camo and camo in every color under the sun. Use it to wrap your bug shields, bed covers, boat, trailer and ATV and you’ll have a matching set of everything. Wrap your whole truck and use it as a hunting blind. No need to climb into a tree stand during hunting season.

Graphic Vinyl Wrap Makes It Better

Get a whole new look for your vehicle with graphic vinyl wrap. Add personality, style and function. Here at Chux, we can wrap just about anything with a smooth surface. If you want your kitchen table done in carbon fiber, bring it on down to the shop. We can even camo your fridge.

It only ends with your imagination.