Fill your bottle with Nitrous Outlet at ChuxChux Trux Will Fill Your Nitrous Bottle

The worst part about a nitrous setup is when you run out of nitrous.

Whether you use nitrous to add horsepower to your motor or use it to power up your air tank for your air bag suspension, when you’re out of nitrous you’re out of fun.

We now fill nitrous bottles right here at Chux Trux at the Independence, MO location.

We don’t install or sell nitrous kits, but we will fill your bottles. And the best thing about getting your bottles filled here is you won’t have to wait. Most other shops around here want you to drop your bottle off and come back for them a few hours or even a few days later. Who in earth thought that was a good idea??

We fill bottles Monday through Saturday while you wait, no appointment needed.

What Kind of Nitrous?

Another great thing about Chux Trux N20 is we carry the right stuff. Yeah, some places will try and sell you on using the medical type of nitrous for your car. Unless your car has a fever or the measles, stay away from the medical type. We carry the filtered nitrous which is better for what you’re using it for.

The reason is because the filtered type has an added odor in it. That odor is actually there for your protection. If your bottle, line or connection has a leak, you’ll know right then so you can stop and take care of it. Without that detectable odor, the dangerous gas can leak into your vehicle. You’ll want to take care of nitrous leaks ASAP, not after waking up in the ER after passing out and crashing headfirst into oncoming traffic.

How We Fill Nitrous Bottles

When it comes to filling the bottle, we use a dual filtered air system so no moisture gets into your tank at any time. We also fill the tanks using an air driver instead of the old school 2-tank method. Some places use two tanks, one that gets heated and one that gets cooled. The temperature difference draws gas from one tank to the other. It works, but isn’t very accurate and you won’t always get what you pay for.

At Chux, we use an air driver that pumps the nitrous into your bottle. You’ll know exactly how many pounds were put in and exactly how much you’re getting for your money.

Price of Nitrous ReFill

We sell the nitrous at $7 per pound. And since we can easily measure to see how many pounds go into your bottle, you won’t ever overpay and will always get what you pay for.

If you’re in or around the Independence, MO area and need more fun in your life, come and let Chux Trux fill your nitrous bottles.