A remote start unit is the ultimate convenience accessory for almost any vehicle. Start your car from the remote and have the inside all toasty and the engine warmed up before you leave for work. Start your car as you leave the store and by the time you get across the hot parking lot, the interior is nice and cool.

Definitely a luxury. A remote start unit is a luxury in cold weather.

But there are a few things you need to know if you’re thinking about buying a remote start unit for your vehicle. For one thing, you should never buy a remote start unit online (buy one at Chux Trux in Kansas City instead!).

Why shouldn't you buy a remote start unit online?

Well, they’re cheap. Yes, cheap as in a low price, but also cheap as in cheap junk. And that’s not all.

Here are several reasons why you should never buy a remote start unit online:

The units themselves are cheap because the labor for installation, which takes around three or four hours, is where the price gets high.

Why does that matter? Thought you’d never ask.  

 Don't order your remote start unit online.

 Most reputable shops (like us) won’t install parts that you buy online. We will install some parts bought online, but not remote start unites. Many are cheap, no-name brands that we aren’t familiar with (for good reason). We install top brands that offer quality units and we know them inside and out. If you do happen to find a place that will install your cheap online part, they will probably be second rate at best and will most likely charge a higher price for installation than they would if you’d have bought the unit from them, or a high quality unit from one of our Kansas City stores.

But they definitely won’t warranty any of it. If you need warranty work for parts you bought online, you have to go back to where you bought it, NOT who installed it. So you save a little cash up front on the remote start unit, but you end up paying about the same in the end after installation, minus any kind of warranty.

And with a remote start, you need a warranty on the part and the installation. That second rate shop who installed your cheap unit won’t fix it when the unit stops working a month after the install. Now you are out the cheap part price, the labor and you don’t have remote start.

Don’t think about fixing it yourself.

 Remote starts are easy to use.The wiring on these units looks like spaghetti-gone-wild. You have to be an expert in 12 volt wiring installations to install these correctly. This is not a DIY job or a job for a buddy that has wired in a few speakers. A mistake could end up damaging your wiring on your vehicle. Even your regular mechanic shouldn’t install this thing.

And since you’re dealing with professionals and experts for your installation, they are going to want to see your online-bought, off-brand remote start unit before they agree to install it. That means you make a trip to their shop, let them look it over and then schedule an installation date.

On top of all of this, 99% of remote start kits you buy online won’t come with the bypass module that is absolutely required for 95% of vehicles on the road.

So in the end, buy your remote start unit from you local reputable dealer/installer in Kansas City, like Chux Trux. You end up saving yourself time and money. You also have peace of mind knowing that the kit actually works on your vehicle, and you have a warranty if something goes wrong. Not to mention buying local supports your local economy.

Come and see us at any of our three Chux Trux Kansas City stores for your remote start unit or check them out here. We offer great quality brands and our installers are top-grade professionals.