Easiest Way To Pick Out Your Set of Wheels And Tires

The minute you realize you’re financially ready to throw set of shiny new rims on your ride you might just hit a wall. You take a glance around the Internet and see that there are literally too many choices out there. You’re eyes will cross, your head will spin and you’ll begin to despise wheel makers for being too creative.Choosing the right rims and tires

Maybe not, but it is tough to narrow down the rims you want.

Unless you’ve got the exact name of the rim and style you want, it could take a while to figure out what rim is best for you, your truck and your wallet.

We’re here to walk you through a process that just might help. 

Let’s start at the top.

What Are You Doing With The Rims?

Think about how you use your vehicle. Are these going to be on your off-road truck? That immediately knocks all chrome finishes off of the list because chrome can’t hold up to all the mud and grime, much less all the scrapes you’ll get out on the trail. You need something that’s tough and will hold up even with a little caked-on mud.

Do you live on a dirt road? Drive in a lot of snow? Never wash your truck or rims? All of these questions help narrow down your rim search.


Will you be towing a lot? That knocks all of the light wheels off of your list. Heavy loads need heavy-duty rims with certain load capacities. They’re out there and they look great, but you’ve got to know if you need them at the start of your search. If you fall in love with a regular rim and don’t want to go with a heavy duty rim, you may find yourself with cracked wheels and a wrecked truck.  Not to mention you could kill yourself or others. Don’t take that chance. If you tow, go with a heavy duty rim and tire combo. It might cost more than light duty wheels at first, but think about the cost of replacing your whole rig or worse, a life.

What’s Your Wheel Budget?

The good thing about rims is there are a lot of choices in finish, construction and size that can dramatically change the price. If money is no problem, go as big and wide as you want with whatever finish you like most (as long as they fit). If you’re on any kind of budget, you need to keep the type of finish and size in mind.

A painted or black rim is usually cheaper than a chrome or polished finish. They still look great but won’t cost as much. Another way to cut the price down is the size. You might want 24 inch rims, but you know 20s in the same design and finish will be a whole lot cheaper. You can sacrifice a little size to get the finish and design you want, or sacrifice the finish and design to get a bigger size.

How To Choose

Once you know what you’ll be using these rims for, what your budget is and what finish you want you can decide on a style. You’ve got classic six-spoke designs,  plain, wild designs, riveted, polished lips and more.

A great way to decide on what rims you want is to use our wheel visualizer. This lets you see what a certain rim will look like on your vehicle so you aren’t surprised when that red painted wheel just doesn’t look great on your yellow F-150.

Pricing Rims

The prices on tires and rims change about as often as numbers in the stock market. To get the best and most current price, give us a call today. We don’t even bother putting wheel prices on the website because they change too often.

To find your next set of rims, check out our huge selection of wheels and tires here at Chux Trux. Remember to give us a call if you have any questions about any specific rims or tires you want.

If you need help deciding on a style, load capacity, color, finish or anything else just call us here at Chux. We’ll help you out at any stage of choosing the next set of rims for your vehicle.