Keeping Your Rims Clean Can Save You Money And Embarrassment

 When you drop your hard earned cash on a set of rims, you fully expect them to last for years and look absolutely stunning every day.

Welcome to the real world.Polished billet wheels

Rims get dirty, abused, stained, chipped, dented and dinged.

And that can all be in the first week of use.

Make sure you take care of your rims so they’ll look great for years.

Nothing is more embarrassing for a car guy to have a hot looking car with dirty wheels. You’re showing your truck off to a new friend and they’re looking at all your mods in admiration. And then their eyes fall to your rims. You realize you’ve been a little lazy and just rinsed them when you washed your truck last weekend. Now you notice the brake dust, the stains from the ice-melt used to get the ice off of the road and some kind of white buildup that looks like water pooled on the lip when it was parked. That’d be dog pee from the neighborhood stray.  

Go ahead and crawl in your hole now.

Or just keep your rims clean like you’re supposed to and you’ll never be afraid or embarrassed to show your rims to anyone.

Start With Washing Your Rims

Start with washing your rims once a week whether they need it or not. You wash your body that often, same goes for the rims. Make sure you use wheel wash that’s good for using on your particular surface, not some generic container that says there’s soap in it. Use a good clean sponge and get all of the brake dust off. That stuff is like cancer to a rim.

Try some of the awesome wheel cleaners we’ve got here at Chux Trux.

When you’ve got them all washed, rinsed and dried, it pays to apply a coat of wax at least twice a year. Just your regular car wax will work. This puts a layer of protection between your rims and the world of ice-melt, beet juice (used to melt ice on some roadways), brake dust, all the crap that accumulates in potholes and the neighborhood dogs of the world.

Polished Wheels

If you’ve got polished wheels, you’ve got to detail them at least twice a year like you would the interior of your truck. Get in there, put the elbow grease into it and get them clean. Use a high-grade aluminum wheel polish like Wenol or another paste type of wheel cleaner and a cotton rag or microfiber towel. There’s no substitute for patience and elbow grease here. If you don’t like working so hard at cleaning your rims, clean them more often. It’ll be easier to clean them if you do it often. If you let them go and only do it a couple of times a year, you’ll have 10xs the work to get them looking great again. If you keep up with them and clean them monthly, it’ll be a whole lot easier.

NOTE:  Do NOT use any type of “spray on/hose off” wheel cleaner. These are way too abrasive for most wheels and could void any warranty you have on the finish! There are a few tools to make the job easier.  Mother’s makes something called a PowerBall that goes on the end of a drill to make things go faster. However, you need to make sure the chuck on the drill doesn’t contact the wheel anywhere or your do more harm than good. And like we said earlier, apply a good coat of wax to them when you’re finished

When It’s Too Late To Just Wash Your Rims

When you get a cleaning conscious too late in the game, there are a few options for you if you don’t want to buy a new set of rims just yet. You can have your rims polished by a professional, assuming your wheels are polished, and not chrome. This works great if your rims have surface stains that haven’t really penetrated deep. They might come back looking like new again.

If the surface is too far gone to try and polish, you can have them painted or powder coated. This gets rid of the chrome or metal finish, but looks good on some vehicles with the right color choice.

Wrapping your wheels is another choice. This only works if you’ve got a lot of flat surface area on your rims. Too many spokes or crazy designs and the wrap won’t look very good. But with vinyl wrap, your color choices are endless.

The main point here is to keep your rims clean from the start. They’ll look better and last longer if you take good care of them right out of the box. Rims aren’t cheap and are worth the time it’ll take to give them a good scrubbing.

If you want to know anything else about taking care of your rims, give us a call here at Chux Trux. Send an email, comment below or drop by one of our Kansas City locations. We’d be happy to help.