Things To Think About Before Dropping Cash On New Rims

Buying a set of wheels and tires doesn’t sound like a life-changing event.

But when it’s you throwing down the cash, you’d better think on it before driving off.

Future alterations to your truck could depend on the rims you buy today.

How’s that?Plus sizing wheels and tires.

Well, if you’re going to lift your truck or Jeep later on,keep in mind that some lift kits require certain offsets in your rims. If you go with a factory offset now and don’t want to buy new rims later, your choice of lift kits may be limited.

Learn more about how lift kits affect wheels and tires

Also, when you do lift your truck, you might want a wider stance with a different offset than what looks good right now at stock height.Just something to keep in mind.


Sometimes your tires will rub. It’s just a fact that no one really thinks about when upgrading rims and tires. When you go with wheels and tires that are bigger than the stock tires and rims, you could have rubbing issues. Think about it. The wheel wells are shaped like part of a square. Tires are round. You’re literally trying to fit a round object into a square hole.

What most people don’t realize is that the offset/backspacing of the wheels you choose has as much to do with tires rubbing as the size of the tires you choose. And it’ll probably only happen on the front two. The rear wheels and tires don’t turn. The rubbing comes into play when you’re driving and you make a sharp turn, like when pulling into a driveway. The tire will rub on the inside of the wheel well. Some people are cool with it. They know it’s not going to cause much damage and they’d rather get the looks out of a bigger tire and live with it rubbing a bit. Others might want to know that eventually, the rubbing can wear your tire in that spot. This will also void your warranty on the tire.

Another thing to think about when considering how your tires might rub – the price. If you want to pay a couple hundred dollars for a piece of rubber that’s going to go through a little erosion every time you park, go ahead. If you want to know you paid good money for a good tire and warranty,then you might want to rein it in on the size and go with something that won’t rub.


The kind of finish you choose for your rims should take a little more thought than deciding what color you like best. The finish is what you see every time you look at your truck. It’s also the first thing most people notice when looking at your ride.

The finish should be easy for you to take care of and to keep clean. Not to say it’ll be so easy you can skip it, but it should be something you’re ready to handle. If you live on a dirt road, do yourself afavor and skip the chrome. These will be chipped by a rock and once you break the barrier on that chrome plating, that’s when things start to go South.Chrome has to be kept clean and washed at least once per week, no matter what. If you’re not up for that, go with different material.

Do some rims come with a finish warranty? Yep, sure do. But very few wheel manufacturers are willing to take on that kind of drama. And when they do, it’s only covers maybe a year or two. And warranties don’t cover neglect, like not keeping them cleaned and waxed..

Just get some rims with a finish you’ll take care of.

Hauling And Towing

Do you ever tow a trailer or haul heavy load with your truck?

If you do, you’ve got to let your wheel and tire sales guy know this upfront. All rims and tires have a load capacity. You don’t want to find out your rims have a small load capacity while you’re on the interstate doing 60 mph with a trailer full of cattle.

Find out your towing capacity before you pick out your rims and tires. 

If you tow frequently or know you’ll be hauling stuff in your future, make sure you go for rims and tires that can handle it. Don’t pay$40,000 for a nice truck, $3000 for some awesome rims and then go for the cheap tires or cheap wheels. If you feel like being cheap today, just take a moment to think about the affects of blowing a tire could have while towing a trailer.Not only is your rim, trailer and cargo gone, your truck is going to have damage too. Not to mention that this type of situation can put your family and others at serious risk. Now go ahead and start looking for rims and tires that are made to handle towing and hauling.

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