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A grille insert is one of the quickest, most noticeable ways to customize your truck without going into debt. A cool custom paint job or some giant chrome wheels definitely make your ride stand out, but unless you just won the lottery, you’ll appreciate the less expensive way to make your vehicle stand out.

Why Should You Want a Custom Grille?

When you’re driving down the road, pulling into a driveway or parking near the curb, everyone sees the front of your truck, SUV or car. A grille insert lets them know who has arrived on the scene. They won’t mistake you for the other guy who drives a truck that color.

There’ll be no mistaking whose ride this is. And unless you plan on robbing a bank or pulling a few drive-bys in your vehicle, a new grille insert is a great way to go.

What Is A Grille Insert Anyway?

A grille insert does not replace your entire front grille. Your grille is made of two pieces – the grille shell and the grille insert.

You only need a new grille shell if your original shell is damaged, old or just messed up looking. If your original grille shell is in good shape, all you’ll need is a grille insert to really update your front end.

The grille shell fits inside or between the outer lines of the grille shell. Take out that factory plastic insert and replace it with the pure awesomeness of a grille insert from Chux.

What Kind Of Grille Insert Do You Need?

There are lots of options when it comes to grille inserts these days. Here’s a list of most of the popular grille inserts Chux carries for just about any vehicle you can roll down the road.

  • Billet Grille InsertBillet Grille Chevy Silverado
    • A billet grille insert is probably the most famous type of aftermarket grille insert. You’ve definitely seen one rolling down the street at some point in your life. The original billet grille inserts are thin horizontal lines of billet aluminum spaced an inch or less apart and stretch across the grille. Some modern versions of these billet grille inserts have vertical lines. These make the opening in your grille look really tall and look especially good on skinny, tall grilles like those on a Jeep. 

  • Phantom Grille InsertPhantom Grille Phantom Grille
    • A phantom grille insert is really just a billet aluminum grille insert, except it covers the whole grille area, including the headlights. The billet lines are spaced a little closer together too. These give your vehicle a totally different look from the factory grille.

  •  Sheet or Mesh Grille InsertMesh Grille Insert Putco Sheet Grille
    • Sheet grille inserts are also known as mesh grille inserts. These look like mesh that fits between the openings in your grille shell. The mesh can be found in lots of different designs and patterns, depending on the brand and specific vehicle you’ve got.  You can also find the mesh in bare metal or painted different colors.
    • Mesh grilles that fit your specific vehicle are sturdy, strong and will last like a factory grille. These are some flimsy mesh sheets that you can find in your local hardware store on a roll. These are upscale, classy looking grilles that’ll upgrade your front end the minute you install it.

  • Grille Inserts With Lights RBP LED Grille
    • A cool trend is taking grille inserts a step further. Not only does an insert with LED lights look badass, it’s functional. There are grille inserts equipped with LED lights and/or LED light bars built right into them. Turn these on in the daytime to be seen by ignorant drivers or turn them on at night to get a better look at things.
    • Grille inserts with lights in them are on the rise, especially with off-road vehicles. You can’t beat having your vehicle hold the flashlight for you when you’re working on something in the dark. And these grille inserts look great in the daylight too. Most are made of stainless or powder coated mesh with the LED lights built into a slot on the grille.

Custom Grille Inserts

Custom grille inserts can mean a lot of things, but mostly it means something that isn’t common and you don’t see much on the road. A custom grille can really set your truck apart from the sea of factory grilles out there. Pick a grille insert for your grille shell and then the matching grille insert for openings in your bumper. Add a grille emblem to your grille insert and you’ll get an extra touch of custom.

No matter what vehicle you drive, there’s a grille insert for it.

Chux Trux carries lots of grille inserts in their Kansas City stores, plus a lot more. And we’ve got the right size to fit your specific make and model. If you want to customize your front end, you’ve come to the right place.

Get your grille insert today from chux trux. And let us know what you like and what you hate about any style of grille inserts. Comment below to sound off.


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