Bushwacker Fender FlaresWhy are Bushwacker fender flares better than some of the other big names?

We’ll start out by saying there are big differences in these top brands versus the cheap fender flares you can find at chain stores that also sell groceries. That should go without saying.

But we’ll say it anyway.

Don’t buy auto accessories at the same place you buy your milk and toilet paper.

To compare those cheap flares to the high quality brands would either take a lot more time than we have right now or we’d just laugh too hard to write down coherent ideas. So let’s compare apples to apples here and stick with comparing Bushwacker vs. Lund to keep things close.

We know there are other quality fender flares on the market. Hell, we sell quite a few other brands. They’re all good for some reason or another or we wouldn’t keep them on our shelves at all. But right now we’re comparing the top brands of high quality fender flares we’ve seen.


Let’s start off with the material used to create a Bushwacker fender flare. They’re made of unicorn hair and angle dust.

Okay, so they’re not made of that, but they may as well be because you can’t get much better than what they’re really made of.

It’s like magic.

The material is somewhat flexible at all times so bumps, scrapes, drive-bys and tough back roads are less likely to crack or shatter the flares. Unlike cheap, junky fiberglass flares that’ll break off and splinter like it’s made of old chewy glass. Yeah, get that mental image. Or how about those urethane ones that are impossible to install, rarely fit will and cost an arm and a leg.  Just becuase some of those so called "premium flares" cost more, doesn't make them better.

Bushwacker flares stay flexible even in extremely cold weather when even your ears may want to harden and fall right off. They also won’t fade anywhere near as much in the sun which is pretty great since they come in a nice matte black finish. These flares are coated with 100% UV protected Dura-Flex 2000.

So what does Lund say about that?

Lund fender flares are made from ABS thermoplastic. It’s flexible and scratch-resistant, but isn’t the same as the Bushwacker material. The flexibility isn’t the same as Bushwacker and scratch-resistant is great, but doesn’t guarantee the flares will last through the same conditions as Bushwacker.

How Do They Fit?

There isn’t a set of fender flares on earth today that fit on your vehicle like they were made there. It’s just not possible unless they’re a one-off custom made set in your local fabricator’s shop.  Even the factory fender flares that come on your truck from the dealer didn’t just magically meld onto your truck’s fenders like they belong there. Don't believe us?  Go to any new or used car lot and look close at any truck on the lot with factory flares.  You'll see what we mean.

Or ask your dealership for the most expensive, highest quality fender flares available to them. Take them home and attempt a flawless install and you’ll learn even more.

They’ll fit pretty dang good, but you’ll have a little gap here or there, a misaligned screw hole or foam tape that just won’t hold right. But that’s to be expected from almost every aftermarket part you buy. You’ll get a great, almost perfect fit from the top quality parts.

Just like Bushwacker.

Bushwacker flares will fit as close as possible and you won’t notice any major flaws in the fit. They’ll install like OE flares (or better) and look just as good.  No. We take that back. They’ll look a lot better because they’ve got better style than any factory fender flares we’ve seen.

How do Lund fender flares fit?

About as good as Bushwacker. You won’t be disappointed as long as you aren’t expecting perfection.

Style Selection

Sure, fender flares all basically do the same job. They’re all made to fit along your fender to block road junk and keep the side of your truck unharmed. But do they all look the same?

Nope.  Bushwacker knows you don’t have the same tastes and style as everyone else. You want your truck to look different than the other cool guy in the parking lot. That’s why Bushwacker fender flares come in five different styles for trucks and SUVs and two different styles for Jeeps.

There are Street Flares, OE Style flares, Extend-A-Fender flares, Pocket Style fender flares, Cut-Out fender flares, Pocket Style for Jeep and Flat style for Jeep.

If you can’t find a style you like from that list, you may as well rip your fenders off and go full out rally truck.

Lund offers three styles: Sport, Extra Wide and Riveted.

Yeah, it’s more than one style, and each one is pretty different. So you get a little variety. Bushwacker gives you a little more variety. Plus, the Bushwacker fender flares cover your wider tires vs. Lund fender flares to protect your body from mud slinging down the side.


So now we’ll talk about price.

You’re thinking here’s the catch. Well, yeah, Bushwacker is a little more expensive than some of the other top brands. It’s a lot more expensive than the junky, cheap brands. But just like anything else in this world that’s worth a damn, you get what you pay for.

You get what you pay for.

Don’t know who coined that phrase but it’s probably the truest statement ever spoken.

But what if you don’t look at it like that?

Fender flares are just objects you stick on your truck to block some rocks, right? Who cares if they break or don’t look all that great?


That’s kind of the whole reason you’re here.   Isn’t it?

You aren’t riding around town in an old Dodge Neon with three hubcaps and a paint job that hasn’t been a whole paint job in a decade.

You’re here because you’re into what you drive. It’s your passion. It represents you without having to say a word. That’s why you want Bushwacker fender flares and not the cheap imitations.   You are not a cheap imitation.

When it comes down to paying a hundred dollars more for Bushwacker than you would Lund and getting what you really want, getting what you really want is always worth it.

So why Bushwacker fender flares instead of the others?

Bushwacker just goes the extra mile.

That’s the facts.  

Sure, you’ll get some great fender flares from Lund and even Rugged Ridge and EGR. But they won’t give you that sure, smug feeling you’ll get riding around with Bushwacker fender flares on your ride. Plus Bushwacker is way more fun tç

Check out our huge selection of Bushwacker flares we carry for your truck or SUV. We also want to know what you think about Bushwacker and any other fender flares. Call, email, comment below or drive on over to one of our Kansas City locations. We’ll be waiting for you.   

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