Bushwacker No Pocket Fender FlaresBushwacker fender flares are pretty popular, despite the obscenely silly sounding name.

Why? Well, let’s see.

They’re made from space age material that is incredibly tough, but lightweight. They fit better than most other fender flares, you get a wide selection of styles to pick from and they add a ton of style to your truck.

If that isn’t enough…

These fender flares are flexible so they retain their shape and hold up to just about any terrain you can drive them through.

Not naming any names here, but some brands of fender flares are stiff and unforgiving. They’ll break like a two year old cookie you find underneath the back seat. Then you’re out one cheap flare with only three crappy flares to roll around with.

Cheap fender flares are cheap for a reason.

Bushwacker builds their fender flares with one thing in mind...quality.  They want to build the best flares, not the cheapest ones.  Bushwacker flares come with complete UV protection so they look great even after you put them through years of mud, sun, rain, cold and miles on the street.

On top of that, Bushwacker gives you a limited lifetime warranty for any warping, cracking or factory defects. That shows you they aren’t trying to hide anything.

The real question is why shouldn’t you go with Bushwacker fender flares?

We got nothing.

That’s why we recommend Bushwacker if you’re looking for flares that fit good, will last longer than a paper bowl holding hot soup and come in all the styles you like.

That’s another great thing about Bushwacker flares. There are five different styles for trucks and SUVs and two styles just for Jeeps. You aren’t stuck with just Flare A or Flare B here.

Let’s look at each of the Bushwacker fender flare styles to see which one fits your needs and of course, your wants.

Bushwacker Street Flares

Street Flares sound like something that blocks the road during a DUI checkpoint. But it’s not. This style of flare is for you if you want a little more coverage than no flare at all, but aren’t ready to jump into the custom scene with both feet.

Street Flares look good if you’ve got stock-size wheels and tires or low-profile tires. They also work for lowered vehicles to give them protection from rocks and road debris without looking dumb. Big wide fender flares on a lowered vehicle sitting on big wheels with low-pro tires just wouldn’t look right. Plus these fender flares install without any drilling.

These Bushwacker flares come in a matte black finish that you can easily paint to match your ride. When painted to match, this style of flare blends in with your vehicle like they aren’t even there.

Kind of like the quiet guy who sits in the corner at a party picking at his sweater. No one notices him unless he’s really needed. You know, like to answer a Star Wars trivia question. Then he’s got your back. Kind of like how Street Flares have your back in adding road debris coverage to your ride.

OE Style Fender Flares

This style of fender flare is like the stuck-up but good-looking friend everyone likes to have around. They don’t blend with your vehicle like the Street Style, but they don’t cause a scene like larger fender flares do. The OE Fender Flares give your vehicle the look of an upgraded version of itself. You know, like the trim option that you’d pay a couple thousand for at a dealership.

Yeah, that one.

And since the Bushwacker OE fender flares include the high quality material and fit you’d expect to get from factory parts, it’s a win-win here. And you can install them yourself without any drilling. In most cases. A few automakers had to make it difficult and ruin it, but even then, it’s not that hard.

Extend-a-fender flares

These extended fender flares step up the protection in a big way – but not too big. These are the fender flares you get when you need serious road debris coverage to go with your large wheels and tires, but you don’t want to jump to the big, in-your-face fender flares.

The Bushwacker Extend-a-fender flares are up for the big job of protecting the paint down the side of your vehicle without looking like a rally vehicle. Perfect when you want to protect your vehicle and enjoy some off road action, but still want to drive your truck without attracting off road groupies.

Pocket style fender flares

These are the iconic Bushwacker fender flares people talk about around the water cooler at work. First of all, they have a big presence so if you get these babies you’d better not be shy. Secondly, they’ve got the stainless steel bolts that give them the badass Frankenstein-type vibe that both off-roaders and classy-turned-country women go for.

These Bushwacker Pocket fender flares give you lots of coverage from road trash and rocks without any drilling involved. Yep. They look this awesome and you can install them all by yourself in your driveway.

Cut-out fender flares

These are the big daddy fender flares your mom told you to look out for. You’ve been told to stay away from anything that requires you chopping off factory sheet metal from your fenders…but once you see it in person you won’t take another breath without wanting to hack up your own truck.

These Bushwacker Cut-out fender flares let you chop off part of the fender to give your truck and big tires maximum turning room. The flares then give you the coverage you need for the wider tires and cleans up the look of the fenders. You won’t feel like a real off-roader until you’ve got Cut-out fender flares on your ride.

Pocket style fender flares for Jeep

These Bushwacker Jeep fender flares give you more road debris coverage than factory flares. They also give you the cool/hot/badass look with the stainless steel bolts along the flare. No one will mistake your Jeep for the one owned by the grandpa down the street. Pocket style fender flares are for hardcore Jeep owners who know what a real Jeep should look like.

Flat style fender flares for Jeep

Flat style fender flares give your Jeep maximum coverage for extreme off road adventures. Throw on the big wheel and tire package because these fender flares reach out and slap the vehicle next to them. You get maximum coverage and minimum back talk from those around you.

So now what?

Don’t get stuck with some cheap, junky fender flares when you can go with Bushwacker and get real quality and style. Look around Chux Trux to find the perfect Bushwacker fender flares for your vehicle. Now that you know what each style can do for the looks and function of your vehicle, come pick out your set today. Come in to one of our Kansas City locations and see the Bushwacker flares in person and have them professionaly installed right here.