bikeWe just wrapped up our "Kansas City's Best Dad" contest, and wanted to share the entries.  We chose 3 winners, and each of them receive a $100 Chux Trux gift card.   Here are the entries (in no particular order):


Fred H. Submitted by his daughter Christina - Belton, Mo.

Hello. My name is Christina Sxxx. I would like to nominate my Dad, Fred Hxxx., for your Best Dad Contest. He is a Father to three girls, ages: 40, 38, 36 and has seven grandchildren ranging from 15-22 years old. My parents have been married since 1981. My Dad is a very hard working man, who always puts everyone before himself. He is retired from the U.S. Air Force, but currently is employed as a delivery driver to supplement his income. He enjoys reading, art and diy projects, fishing, riding his motorcycle and spending time with his grandkids in his spare time. He is a very devoted family man to his wife, children and grandchildren. My Dad has been the only male role model in my childrens' lives, since their Dad and I separated 15 years ago. He likes to tinker around in his garage to pass the time and sometimes even manages to pass a few tricks of the trade down to his grandsons. My Dad is very deserving of recognition for all of the joy, love, laughter, wisdom and support he has provided us all with over the years! Thank you for your acceptance of my entry and even if he is not selected as the contest winner, he IS the best Dad I could ever ask for!



Jeffrey E. - Submitted by his wife Samantha E. - Kansas City, Mo

I want to nominate my husband for Kansas City's best dad. My husband, Jeffrey Exxx is the father to our 2 year old son and our adopted 14 year old daughter. He is 24 years old and has been serving active duty in the Marine Corps for the past 7 years. He is the most selfless father, devoting every spare second to his children. Being military he has missed too many holidays and birthdays to count, so he values all the time he can get at home. He is patient and loving. He's better then all the other days because he's a real life superhero according to his kids. He takes every moment with them and makes it special, he knows how to make memories and truly be present in their lives. He sacrifices so much to give them the world. Even if that means he has to miss milestones and important events because he's overseas. He always puts them first, no matter how tired he is, he gives them 110%. They're favorite memories with him are: Little jeff: "workin' on dadas jeep!" Amber: "Camping trips, building science projects (blowing up rockets!)  and his homecoming from Afghanistan." Jeffrey is loving, hardworking and dedicated. If he is willing to die for people he doesn't know, imagine what he would do for his kids!!



Jason A. - Submitted by his son Dillan - Independence, Mo.

Hi my name is dillan I am 8 soon to be 9 my dad's name is jason who is the best dad and always makes time for me and my little sister between two jobs he always talks about how much he wants to fix his truck up but we always end up at the park. size medium but a big heart  love you dad from dillan




Ed K. - Submitted by his daughter Emily - St. Joseph, Mo.

Dad deserves more than I can repay, he has given up his dreams,idea’s and projects to help me with my son, he’s put things on hold, so that I can work,and finish school. I’m a single mom, and I catch myself coming and going.

It’s really hard to put it all into words, but I have yet to hear of any complaints, Dad is 60 now and still babysits, he has given up way too much in order to help me.When he got his truck, it was all he ever dreamed about, or wanted and what his intentions was, I threw him a curve ball, when his grandson came into this world.I don’t know much about his truck, other than he’s very protective over it, but he his teaching, and allows my son how to work on it, which is amazing.

Dad deserves much more than I could ever imagine.


Jeff W. - Submitted by his daughter Emily - Gladstone, Mo.

My name is Emily Wxxxx and I’m sixteen years old. I’d like to submit my father for the best dad contest. His name is Jeff Wxxx, and he is a dedicated father and loving husband. There isn’t any real significant event that makes him the best. My dad isn’t a super hero, famous, rich, or invincible, but he certainly is someone to never forget.

When I was a little kid I thought my dad was superman. He was the strongest man I knew, and when I sat on his shoulders I felt like I was at the top of the world.

We were never wealthy. We owned a small store for vehicle paint jobs. It was my dad’s dream to own a business, whether small or large. By the time my parents had my brother and me, we were struggling with payments. As much as my dad loved the business, he loved us more. He sold the business and found a local job that he loved. That made us wealthier than anyone could ever understand.

Not everyone knows my dad. You won’t see his picture on magazines, or advertisement boards next to the highway.  People don’t gasp in disbelief when he walks by, but he makes statements. He puts himself in everything he can, whether it is school activities, neighborhood jobs, or family events. Everywhere he goes he leaves an impression. He lets everyone know that he cares and that’s all people ask for.

My dad is anything but invincible, and don’t take that as a negative trait. My dad cares more than anyone I know. He’s the type of guy to go to every single one of my soccer games, even though we didn’t keep score and they gave participation trophies. He’s the type to go to 9 years worth of T-ball/baseball games, 3 years worth of choir concerts, and the kind who cries during a sad movie. He never had a problem showing exactly how he feels, and I’m appreciative that I learned exactly that from him. He shows the world just how much he loves his family and friends, and I’m thankful for that.

One thing I can always count on him for is to love my mom. He acts like a goof when we are all out together. He’s my mom’s best friend and I’m so lucky to be able to say that. I know so many friends with divorced parents. My parents still act like they’re having their first crush back in high school. I just couldn’t imagine anyone loving someone as much as my dad loves my mom.

I probably don’t tell him as much as I should, but I love him more than anything. He’s always been there for me, and I hope one day I’m able to pay him back for that; whether that be changing his diapers when he’s old, or going to his bingo matches at the nursing home.

One of the best memories I have with my dad is when he coached my flag football team. I was so mad because he forced me to pick a sport to do during the summer. I remember during a game having the ball and running for the in zone. I thought I was untouchable, and my dad was on the sideline cheering me on. Just when I thought I had the touch down, I heard the referee blow the whistle, which meant someone had pulled my flag. I was pouting because I wanted to score so badly, and my dad pulled me off to the side. He told me that sometimes me have to have small losses to create a greater win. He told me that no matter what I did during this game, he was still proud of me. I just thought he was the coolest dad in the world. We ended up losing the game, but he still took me out for ice cream. It’s memories like that one that run through my head when asked what I think of my dad.

My dad has always been there for me, and he’s always bragging about his fantastic kids. I thought this would be a way to show my appreciation as well. I just want people to see the same guy I do: a selfless, loving father and husband.


Jeffrey E - Submitted by his daughter Amber E. - Kansas City, Mo.

I am Amber Exxx and I'm 14 years old.

My dad is Jeffery Exxx and he's a US marine, he adopted me when I was 10 years old and he's my hero. He would give up his whole world if he had to for me and my little brother. He's the best dad I could ever ask for. My favorite memory with my dad was something so simply but made me so happy, we were  just fixing up my dads old jeep while my mom was out of town so it was just me and him. And he was just so proud of how well I could help him with it, that day was the best day ever! Spending a whole day with my dad was not only rare(because of his job) but fun!


Charlie K - Submitted by his son Darrin - Kansas City, Mo.

My name is Darrin Kxxx and my dad, Charlie Kxxx deserves the win for this contest!!!! He's the best dad anybody could ask for! He loves his ford f-150! He calls the truck ole' blue! He works at the ford assembly plant. He works a lot but when he gets a day off he usually goes to chux trux! That's were he got his wheels from and where he gets most of his truck accessories from!!! What makes him better than any dad is that he cares for my family before himself. The best memory I've had with my dad is probably when he did a burnout with his truck! It was awesome! Here is a good photo of his truck:

Best Dad photo


Will E. - Submitted by his daughter Savannah E. - Prairie Village, Ks.

My Dad’s name is Will Exxx he is a social worker at the Wichita Children’s Home.  He is nothing short of amazing.  What makes him better than all the other dads?  He has 4 children and I am the oldest.  My dad has never gotten a degree but he is the hardest working man I have ever known, even sometimes when it is frustrating to not make as much as others with a higher education.  My parents did not have a lot, but I will say that there was not one day I went to bed hungry or ever felt like we were lacking.  I love him for being such a strong male role model in my life.  My parents have been married for 30 years, my mother is white and my father is black and they have been together before that was really accepted in our culture.  So I guess if they made it through that they can make it through anything!  I played basketball since the 7th grade and up until college he never missed a game!  I could always hear his deep voice yelling at me to rebound in the stands.  I didn’t really appreciate it as much until I got to college and went to the University of Memphis 9 hours away.  Considering I had three younger brothers they couldn’t make as many games, but I chose to go that far!  It actually made my bond to my father closer.  I called him every day, laughed, cried, shared stories of being away for the first time.  He was always there to listen and support and encourage me.  So why does he deserve to win?  If there is a funnier, more laid back, more dedicated, family man then my dad then please make sure they win this contest because I do not think that it’s possible.  It’s hard to show that in 750  words or less but hopefully I gave you an idea. 

My best memory of my dad would have to be 2 years ago.  I moved into my own place and my family came to stay with me for the weekend.  I was so excited to host.  I bought all of them their favorite groceries, cooked dinner, had my dad’s favorite alcoholic beverage.  I took care of them breakfast lunch and dinner for three days.  (my father is 6’8 and brothers aren’t too far behind) so this is like feeding an army.  Everything went great and I said my goodbyes.  I get a text from my dad a couple hours later saying “Thank you for this weekend I am so proud of you.”  Which doesn’t sound like that big a deal except my father can’t text more than one word!  I felt so great that I made him that proud that it probably took him an hour just to write that out for me.   Being able to start to give back to him like he has been doing my whole life is an amazing feeling so that is why this is such a great memory for me.


Edward H. - Submitted by his daughter Stephine H. - Marshall, Mo.

My dad is the best dad anyone could ask for. He has a 69 chevelle it needed some work done on it. So one day I walked out side and my dad was doing some work to it I asked him I said I have a stumped question he stopped what he was doing turned me and said there are no stuped questions except the ones not asked.  I said why are you doing this he said its needs work done to it would you like to help? So I did I jumped right in and started helping. He would tell me what he was doing step by step what tools he was using he even let me help drain the oil. My dad wanted to fix the motor  but didn't want to take away from our Christmas to do it. So my brother my mom and I sat down and talked and we all pitched in and helped my mom pay for having the motor  rebuilt in his car. We blind folded him on Christmas eve and took him to his car. He was the Happy's man he cryed. My mom pasted away  and he talked about saleing his car but we talked him out of it. I would like to see my dad win and put this towered the things he needs to finish fixing his car up.


Ron P. - Submitted by his wife, Terri P. - Lee's Summit, Mo.

My name is Terri Pxxx. I am nominating my husband Ron Pxxx. We are a blended family, and we have 7 kids between the two of us, he does everything he can possibly do to make all of the kids feel like they are his. He always makes sure the kids come first. When we go on vacation to the lake, weather it is father's day or not, it is all about the kids. Always. He is the best dad, husband and best friend we could ask for. That's why MY HUSBAND RON Pxxx IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE BEST DAD ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE


Chris M. - Submitted by his daughter Jennifer M - Bonner Springs, Ks.

I will start off by telling you who I am, I am Jen Mxxx a 24yr old Daddys girl to the core.  My dad is my best friend and he is my biggest supporter. He has been married to my mother for almost 30 years and together they have 3 grown children, and also 3 grandchildren.  He is the man you call if you  need a pick me up, when you need a laugh, and when you just have an awesome story to tell him.  My favorite memories with my dad are all of our lunch dates. We both love Kansas City’s barbeque and enjoy spending time together so we try to make it a weekly thing. He is an awesome man, and I think he deserves many awards Smile


Chux Trux would like to thank everyone who entered, and offer a huge "Thank You" to all of these dads for being such positive role models.