Anzo LED Light BarReady to shine some light on those dark trails? You might’ve thought it’d be easy to look up some LED light bars, pick the coolest looking ones and go with it.  

And now you realize it’s a whole lot harder to choose.

There are so many dang choices out there for off road lights and light bars you might want to forget it and bring a big flash light with you next time. Since that wouldn’t really work well at all, we’ll give you the low down on light bars, off road lights and why LED light bars are where it’s at.

First off, what are traditional off road lights?

Yes, that little yellow smiley face probably popped into your head when you pictured an off road light. Those are covers for KC HiLites and they’re still around, selling some great off road lighting. There are also several other companies with some pretty awesome off road lights and light bars, like Rigid, Anzo Lighting, KC HiLites, Lazer Star and more!

Halogen Off Road Lights

These are the Halogen lights that have been around for a while, mostly in headlights. They shine pretty bright, but use a lot of juice to do it. They’ve got a slightly yellow glow and don’t last as long as HIDs or LEDs.

You’ll find Halogen bulbs in a ton of off road lights and they are a little less expensive than LEDs or HIDs, but they won’t last as long and won’t look as bright or crisp.

HID Off Road Lights

HID bulbs have been creeping into the automotive aftermarket for years now. More and more car makers are starting to use HID bulbs in their headlights because they give off a lot of light. HIDs actually shine farther distances than LEDs or Halogen bulbs. They use a little less power than Halogen bulbs and last a little longer, but still won’t last like an LED light. Plus, their size makes mounting them restrictive in a lot of applications, plus, their starting price is seems like it's somewhere North of a used car.

LED lights

LEDs are where lights are headed. Not only do they outlast Halogen and HID off road lights by years, they don’t use near the amount of power. They’re bright, look awesome, are available in different patters (flood, pencil, fog, etc.) and can come in different colors. And because of the different shape of an LED bulb, they can fit into some very tight spaces, unlike HIDs and Halogens. We won't bore you here with the scientific speak.  But to put it in the simplest of terms, LEDs are just little “bulbs” that are inserted into an electrical circuit. But unlike regular incandescent bulbs, LED's don’t have a filament like a regular light bulb. LEDs are illuminated from the electrons move within a semiconductor material.  This makes them incredibly efficient requiring very little battery drain, and are extremely durable over time.  The scientific version of this reads more like reading how a nuclear reactor works, but we won't bore you with that here.  Just trust us in telling you that the quality of an LED light is determined largely on the quality of the circuits and circuit boards that power them. Sort of like a flat screen TV.  They all look cool on the outside, but it's the insides that determine the quality of what you see.  

LED Light Bars

LED light bars are the slim-sized lights you see sitting just on top of the cab of a truck, in the grille or along the rear tailgate as a brake light. These light bars have so many different uses, once you buy one you’ll be hooked.

Another great thing about LED light bars is they won’t burn out or break. They don’t have a filament like Halogen or HIDs do. LED lights work off of a chip that comes on instantly at full power as soon as you flip the switch.  Like any product, there are "good, better and best" versions in terms of quality. Most of your higher quality units are built in the USA.  And these are definitely a "get what you pay for" product.

When The Chips Get Tough

The chip is very tough and literally lasts thousands of hours longer than HID or Halogen bulbs. That little chip is durable enough to hang on even along the roughest, wettest trails you can find. It’s not as vulnerable to vibrations or jarring trails as traditional bulbs are and is perfect for all kinds of off road uses.

Yeah, LED light bars can be a little more expensive than other light bars, but they’ll outlast any other type of light bar, so you won’t have to worry about replacing bulbs or the whole light bar. And you get more choices with LED light bars. They come in varying sizes between 4 to 50 inches. No matter where you need one, we’ve got the right size.

And color.

LED lights come in different colors for different applications: white, red, amber, blue, green and more. There are even color-changing LED light bars that can chance or “dance.”

You won’t get anything close to these features from traditional off road lights. They may as well be that old light bulb in the closet with the little string hanging from it. LED lights and LED light bars are the now and the future of off road lighting.

If you want to find just the right LED light bar for your truck or Jeep, check us out here at Chux. If you need some help picking the right one or if you have more questions, feel free to call us up, send an email or comment here.

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