ReadyLift Leveling KitWhat Type Of Lift Kits Do You Sell?

You want your truck to look like that badass lifted truck you saw on the cover of that magazine yesterday. It’d be so awesome if you could drive around in that every day. To work and impress your boss, to your buddy’s house, to the gym or hell, to the grocery store and impress the ladies. You’d feel like a king sitting on top of a moving thrown of awesomeness. Everyone would stare in envy when you drove by….

So you’re looking for a lift kit. Yep, we’ve got em. Lots of them. It comes down to what type of lift kit you want and what type of lift kit you need.

We’ve Got Three Types Of Lift Kits

The three types of kit we sell here at Chux each do a different job. Your job is to know what you want so you can be sure and choose the right lift kit to get the results you want to see. You don’t want to buy a lift kit, spend time or money to have it installed and then realize you should have gotten a leveling kit instead.


Leveling Kits

Leveling kits are pretty awesome for truck owners. Take a look at just about every factory truck that rolls off the line and you’ll notice that the rear of the truck sits at least a few inches higher than the front end. It’s supposed to be like this so you can load heavy stuff into the bed and not hurt anything. What it really does is make your truck look like it’s constantly doing a nosedive. Install a leveling kit and you’ll immediately see how dumb the stock stance looked. A leveling kit for lifting your truck raises that nose up a few inches so your truck’s body is level.

Lift Kits

Truck lift kits are popular for several reasons. They raise your truck higher than stock. They allow you to fit bigger rims and tires on your truck. Lift kits give you that all around ground clearance that looks pretty awesome. You’ll never lose your truck in the parking lot again. It’ll be sitting there, all jacked up and looking bad ass above the surrounding sea of sad, plain looking vehicles.

Body Lifts

Body lifts aren’t as simple or as easy to deal with as the other kits. Body lifts aren’t what you’re looking for in most cases. These kits are more extreme and require a lot more work. While the other kits lift your suspension, a body lift actually lifts the body of your truck, not anything else. That means your truck’s body is lifted up above the suspension and everything underneath it. This requires heavy modifications to allow your steering, transmission and pretty much everything under your truck fit and work right.

We don’t recommend body lifts for most of you.

Unless you’ve got a show queen.

At the Chux shop, we usually won’t even install a body lift on trucks older than 5 years old. Why? The bolts are usually rusted on at this point in your truck’s life and with the amount needed to remove for a body lift, it’s really not worth it for the average person. If you’re building a show queen that’ll be hauled on a trailer to shows and not driven much, this is a great option for getting more height and lift, fitting ginormous wheels and tires and just looking cool. If you drive your truck every day and want it to work perfectly, then go ahead and pass on the body lift.

So what now?

Now that you can see what type of truck lift kit you want, do you know how to choose which kit to buy?

We’ll help you with that too.

First off, the best advice we can give you is if you find a kit that’s cheaper than all other similar kits on the market, there’s a reason. And it’s not a good reason. If you pay for a cheap kit, you’ll get a cheap kit.

Some things are okay to buy on the cheap, like socks or dollar store notebook paper. But when it comes to the suspension on your truck, the same suspension you trust to carry your butt around safely on the highway at 75 mph, over rough terrain, through mud holes, on long backwoods dirt roads and through the mall parking lot in the summer, you might want to shell out a little extra cash.

A cheap lift kit is just that: a cheap lift kit.

The quality, parts, components and craftsmanship is cheap. A high dollar expensive lift kit is going to cost more, it may even scare you a little at first glance, but you’ll get awesome, quality products and the warranties to go with them.

We’re all about saving money here at Chux. We love customizing our rides just as much as you do and we’ve all been on the ramen noodle diet instead of eating out because we were saving up for truck parts. We’ve been there. We understand. But we also know we’d do it again because quality parts are worth it, especially when it comes to your suspension.

Checklist of what to look for when buying a lift kit:

  • Make sure it’s made just for your specific truck’s year, make and model. No cut-to-fit suspensions!

  • Choose the best brands and make sure you get recommendations from friends and other enthusiasts.

  • Check the quality and only go for the best. If it looks or feels cheap, it is. Don’t buy it.

  • Talk to the professionals. (We recommend Chux Trux!)


No matter what type of truck lift kit you end up going with, you know the place to get it is right here at Chux Trux. We won’t jerk you around and sell you something you don’t really need or want. We’ve been around since 1991 and we’ve installed and handled just about every type and brand of lift kit ever made. We know the best, the worst and the kits we wouldn’t waste our time even talking about. But we’ll gladly talk about any and all of them with you if you need help deciding which truck lift kit will work best on your truck.

Give us a call, stop on by one of our Kansas City area shops or comment here to get started on your path to lifted truck paradise.


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