St. Pats DogSo are you ready for the religiously rooted holiday that gives you an excuse to drink, eat, kiss strangers and party all day? We’re talking about St. Patrick’s Day, of course. Everyone gets to pretend they’re Irish, drink green beer and act like fools all day. It’s like college weekends, but with a few leprechauns thrown in the mix.

All these shenanigans have been added to what started out as a religious holiday to celebrate an actual Saint. And the color of the day was blue, not green. It’s been changed and altered so that now everyoneSt. Pats Situation associates March 17th with the color green, clovers, leprechauns and of course, drinking. Guess this makes it easy when it comes to decorating or throwing a St Patrick’s Day party. Just add some food coloring to every drink and dish you want to serve and you’re done. You’ve got great stuff to serve and plenty of time left for more drinking. It’s a win-win. 

If you think about it, people have taken this holiday and pretty much turned it into what they really want. You get an excuse to drink all day without the guilt, a reason to party and you can finally waste a few hours on Pintrest looking at St. Patrick’s Day recipes. You know you’ve wanted to.

But is there something more you can learn here? You know, other than how many green beers you can drink and still drag yourself to work the next day. How about taking something and turning it into something you’ve always wanted, the way society has done with this greentastic holiday? Think of something you’ve always wanted, going back your childhood. You probably had some cool trucks that were pretty awesome. You’d roll them through the mud and pretend you were in that little plastic seat. Then the truck was suddenly real and you had the most bad ass truck on the playground.

So do it. Make it your own. Do what people have done to St. Patrick’s Day and make it your own. Take your truck now, that stock one sitting in your driveway and turn it into that truck you dreamed about as a kid. You don’t have to roll on monster tires or put a glow in the dark flaming paint job (but how cool would that be!), but you can outfit it to have a little fun in the mud on the weekends without breaking something.

Green interiorSo when you’ve guzzled all the green beer you can handle, the glue has worn off of that leprechaun beard you woke up wearing the morning after and you’ve assured your boss that sunglass are a new trend even indoors, check us out. Chux has all of the parts you need to take your stock “grownup” truck into the plaything you’ve always wished for.