Car thief


Imagine the scene; you’re having a movie night, or you and your buddies are at the basketball game and when you get outside your vehicle is gone! The parking space where you know you left it is empty. It’s a horrible feeling and it happens all too often in cities all across the country.


There’s an old saying that if a professional thief wants your car or truck there’s nothing you can do to prevent him from taking it. And while that’s true, there’s no reason for you to make it easy for Mr. Thief. Make him work for it, make it harder for him to steal yours by adding a car alarm with a remote starter and he just may move on to an easier target.


Just like the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds", real life does imitate art.  Theives like to steal certain vehicles because they are easy to steal, have a high value, or both.  While you can't (and don't really want) to lower the value of your car or truck, you can make it harder to steal.






Did you know that in Missouri and Kansas, the most popular vehicles for thieves to steal are pickup trucks? Here are the stats:



  • #1 - Ford Full size Pickup (F150, F250/F350/Super Duty)

  • #2 - Chevrolet full size pickup (Silverado, HD, C/K)

  • #3 -Dodge full size pickup (Dodge Ram)


Also included in the top 10 for Missouri are:

  • Ford Explorer
  • Chevy Pickup (downsize)



  • #2 - Ford Full size Pickup (F150, F250/F350/Super Duty)

  • #3 - Chevrolet full size pickup (Silverado, HD, C/K)

  • #5 Dodge full size truck (Dodge Ram)

Also included in the top 10 for Kansas are:
  • Ford Explorer
  • Chevy Pickup (Colorado, GMC Canyon) 


As you can see, thieves like trucks. So what can you do to cut down on the chances that your truck will be added to these statistics?


If you use several layers of theft deterrent making it more trouble to steal your vehicle, you stand a better chance of thwarting the theft. The first layer of theft deterrent is common sense; remove your keys from the ignition, lock your doors and close your windows, and whenever possible, park in a well-lit area. The next layer of theft deterrent is an audible car alarm. A third layer is to use some sort of disabling device such as smart keys or some sort of wireless ignition authentication like the types included in most remote start systems.


The best way to add those second two layers is through the use of a remote starter in combination with a car alarm system. And there are several good reasons to do so; Car, truck, and SUV alarms deter thieves. Installing such a system may get you a discount on your car insurance. And it’s usually only about $20-$50 more to buy an alarm with a remote start over a remote start only.


So, you live and work one of these two states and you own a truck, who can you see about getting help to safeguard your truck against these thieves? Chux Trux that’s who. Chux can take care of everything you need from selection, to purchase, and installation of a complete system that will help protect your truck and make sure it’s always sitting there in the parking lot right where you left it!