Okay guys get ready; the scariest day of the year is almost upon us. No, I’m not talking about tax day or the end of football season or the day for your root canal appointment, I’m talking about Valentine’s Day!

That’s right Valentine’s Day is the scariest day of the year because the gift you buy can either make or break your relationship with that special woman in your life. Get her that perfect gift and you’re in like Flynn, choose poorly and you’re sleeping on the sofa for the foreseeable future. But don’t worry, have no fear, because we are here to help you guys out with a few timely suggestions, and tips on where to shop for it, that will get you on the right track to romance and unquestioned possession of the TV remote.

  • Flowers.  Guys, here it is, flowers are the number one, sure fire hit for Valentine’s Day. The best place to get flowers in KC? Toblers has been voted KC's favorite, hands down. They know exactly what works. .  If you're on more of a budget we recommend you check out the local Hy-Vee florists (who also deliver).  If you're going with flowers, order early 

  • Chocolate. As long as she’s not dieting, chocolate will melt her heart. Here’s where you can get some of the good stuff: Elbow Chocolates

  • While we’re on the subject of candy, did you know that you can get M&M’s with a personal message? Well, you can and she’ll love it.  Order custom M&M's here with personal sayings, her pet name, even a photo of her cat.  No, don't do the cat.

  • A romantic dinner for two will score some huge points. And if the Shields Manor Bistro bills itself as “KC’s most romantic restaurant”, how can you go wrong? 

  • And if things go well at the restaurant, what about following up at a romantic hotel or bed & breakfast?   We’ve got two choices for you:  The Chateau Avalon bills itself as KC's most romantic hotel.  Or try The Inn on Crescent Lake in Excelsior Springs.

  • Of course, no discussion of Valentine’s Day can be complete without talking about jewelry. There are many reputable jewelers in the KC area. We'll rely on they folks at Yelp to tell you who are the best jewelry stores in KC


  • Want something truly unique?  Check out Kansas City's West Bottoms Antique District.   There are nearly 2 dozen unique shops in a 3 block area that she'll love, but most are only open once a month on "First Friday Weekends".  Find the first Friday on the calendar of any month and that's the weekend they're open.  Good Ju Ju has consistently ranked one of the top places in KC for vintage and antique shopping, all at great prices.  Keep it simple and go for a gift card, or take her on a shopping trip and spend some time together which she'll love even more. Love is all about sacrifice, right?

  • And now here’s one that is almost guaranteed to rank you as the best Valentines gift giver ever; a spa day, with a full treatment massage, manicure, pedicure, the whole deal. Many of the hotels and bed & breakfasts also offer spa treatments but you can give her a whole day of pampering at The Spa at Briarcliff. And don’t worry if you don’t even know what a pedicure or manicure are, I guarantee you your lady knows and the professionals at this place will take good care of her!
  • Here’s another great suggestion for a fun and romantic evening, either before or after that romantic dinner, take her for a carriage ride around the Plaza!  Most of us have lived here a long time, but have never done any of the Kansas City Traditions 

  • Does your significant other like fine wines? A wine tasting trip to Wines by Jennifer in historic downtown Parkville, MO just might be the place to go.

  • Want to get her something truly personal?  Check out The Monogram Shop in old Overland Park, KS.  A monogrammed gift is something can be very personal and just for her;

  • No matter what else you get from this list, or you come up with your own idea, don’t forget the greeting card.  Cards may not mean a lot to men, but trust us, it's a big deal to the ladies. There are lots of Hallmark shops all around the Kansas City area and you can find something she'll love there.

     Chux Gift Card

  • Last, but certainly not least, the Chux Trux gift card.   We know, we know.  Shameless plug.  But they can buy a few of the things that women truly love and that's things that keep them safe & warm. Like a seat heater for her car, a remote start system, a car alarm and dozens of other unique gifts.

Okay, we’ve given you a lot of really great ideas for Valentine giving, and now here’s probably the most important tip you can get; No appliances! She doesn’t want anything that has to be plugged in to work! She may need a new iron, the old vacuum cleaner may be all broken down, and she may even want a new crock pot, but forget about it as a Valentine gift, or any other gift giving occasion for that matter.  My mom's advice:  "Never buy a woman a gift that has a to be plugged in, unless she specifically asks for it".  It's advice that has worked well for me for decades.

Valentine’s Day is about romance and the gift you give should reflect how much she means to you in a romantic way. But remember, although lingerie may be the ultimate and intimate romantic gift to you, it really is more of a gift for you than for her. So there’s no need for Victoria’s or anybody else’s Secret. But if you take all of our tips to heart (pun intended) she just may shop there for a Valentine’s gift for you!