Valentine's gifts for guys

Okay ladies, we know that you know that Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and you’re wondering what to get for that special guy in your life. Well, we’re here to help you out a little bit and give you a few tips to make him happy and show him just how much you love the big lug.

We’re sure you all remember the famous book from decades ago called; “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. Well, it’s very true. We men are just hard wired differently than you girls are. We’re programmed from the beginning as the provider and protector and if you give him a gift that lets him know that you appreciate what he does for you, you’ll score big points in the romance department. We guys aren’t big on things like cute little Teddy Bears or a pair of boxers with hearts on them.  Get us something that we already like or something we can use and we’ll love you for it.

So without any further delay, here are a few tips for a great Valentine’s gift:

  1. Men are motivated by food. Take him out to eat, but not to his favorite wings joint. A romantic dinner for two will make both of you happy. And if the Shields Manor Bistro bills itself as “KC’s most romantic restaurant”, how can you go wrong?
  2. And if things go well at the restaurant, what about following up at a romantic hotel or bed & breakfast?   We’ve got two choices for you:  and
  3. Tickets to sporting event or concert.  If he’s a sports or concert fan and you aren’t, make sure you tell him it’s for him and his best friend/dad/brother, etc.  That way he won’t be pressured into taking you and you won’t be miserable for 2-3 hours.
  4. And now here’s one that you may not think he’ll like, but trust us, it’s a winner because, hey, men get sore muscles too! A full massage treatment will relax and refresh him. Or how about a couples treatment for both of you to enjoy? The Spa at Briarcliff has a variety of services for both of you:  If he doesn't love it, then he can re-gift it to you!
  5. Here’s another great suggestion for a fun and romantic evening, either before or after that romantic dinner, take him for a carriage ride around the Plaza that you will both love:
  6. Does he like fine wines? A wine tasting trip to Wines by Jennifer in historic downtown Parkville, MO just might be the place to go.
  7. A monogrammed gift is something can be very personal and just for him;
  8. No matter what else you get from this list, or if you come up with your own idea, don’t forget the card. There are lots of Hallmark shops all around the Kansas City area and you can find one here:
  9. Want a special delivery?  · Sluggerrr , the mascot of the Kansas City Royals, is available to make special Valentine deliveries. He will provide heart-shaped balloons, roses, chocolates, photo opportunity, and a Sluggerrr autograph card during the 15-minute visit. For more information, call 816-504-4332.   KC Wolf, the mascot of the Kansas City Chiefs, is available to make special Valentine deliveries. He will provide one red rose, heart-shaped box of chocolates, KC Wolf autograph picture, Chiefs yearbook, Chiefs hat, and the choice of Chiefs children’s book or Chiefs cheerleader calendar. For more information, call 816-920-4212.
  10. Okay, no discussion about Valentine’s Day is complete without talking a little about lingerie. You may think that buying lingerie is for yourself, but it really is a gift for him. You know that he would love to see you in a little lacy or silky something that is for his eyes only and you can do it without being trashy. Not that there’s anything wrong with being trashy behind closed doors.  There are seven Victoria’s Secret stores in the Kansas City area and any one of them can show you that “just right” piece that will light his fire and make your Valentine’s Day one to remember.
  11. Does he own a truck? Every guy who does likes to get “stuff” for his truck. And if it’s shiny stuff, so much the better. A gift card from Chux Trux or the Tonneau Cover Store just may be the best thing you can get for him. He can take it into any one of our locations and pick out whatever HE wants and you just scored major points!  Remote starts, custom wheels, lift kits and more.

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By: Chris Ripper