If you’re the do-it-yourself type and your truck or RV doesn’t have a trailer hitch it really isn’t that big a deal to install one yourself. Most of the trailer hitches and receiver hitches on the market today are of the “no drill” type. In other words they are designed to fit into holes that are there in your tow vehicle’s frame from the factory so all you really need are a few basic hand tools that you probably already have and a couple of hours on a Saturday.  Even if your tow vehicle doesn’t have the holes required to install a trailer hitch you can still do the installation yourself. A typical heavy-duty ½-inch chuck handheld drill should handle the job.

You may have to move the tailpipe temporarily, or drop the spare tire, and possibly make cuts in the rear fascia, or fish bolts through the vehicle frame with a thin wire, depending on your application, but none of that is terribly difficult. You just need to take your time, read the instructions that came with the trailer hitch carefully, and work safely. 

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Hitch Guys TipHitch Installation Tools  "Go online and look at the installation instructions for your specific hitch and then decide if this is something you want to tackle on your own or leave to the experts.  Having the right tools is only part of the installation.  There is no substitute for knowledge and experience".


A typical trailer hitch installation begins with getting the tow vehicle high enough to comfortably work under it. Always use good quality jack stands with the appropriate weight rating any time you work under a vehicle.

Next locate all of the holes you need to mount the hitch. If you will be drilling new holes, check the hitch instructions for their locations and use the drilling template if the instructions include one.

If the application requires dropping bolts vertically down through the frame, go ahead and put those in place first. It’s a lot easier now than when trying to hold the hitch in place while you feel around for the hole in the frame.

Now you can move the trailer hitch into place. Some hitches can be very heavy, 50 pounds or more, so be sure to use a buddy or a jack of some sort, or both, to help you lift it into place and hold it there while you start the bolts and nuts.

Get at least one bolt on each side snugged up first before doing anything else. Once all of the bolts are in place tighten them all to the recommended specs with a torque wrench.


 Hitch Guys TipThread locking treatments such as Loc-Tite are a great idea. Even if your hardware kit includes lock washers or locking nuts, it never hurts to have a little extra security.


Once your new receiver hitch is installed you can turn your attention to the ball mount. The trailer and tow vehicle should both be level when connected and you can get an adjustable ball mount to compensate for any difference.

Trailer hitch ball mount rise or drop  

Installing this type of ball mount is no different than installing the hitch receiver. You want to use the hardware that came with the mount and you also want to make sure the ball mount extends out far enough from the tow vehicle for safety, but no so far that the increased leverage raises the tongue weight.

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