ProLift Suspension Jeep

by Chris Ripper


You can hunt all over the country for a lift kit, leveling kit, or suspension kit for your truck or Jeep but you won’t find a better product anywhere than the kits made by ProLift Suspension! They may not be the cheapest kits on the market but do you want to trust your rig to cheap parts? No, you do not; you only want the very best suspension parts. And you can tell that ProLift Suspension makes the best lift kits and leveling kits on the market because Chux Trux only allows the best in their lineup!

Whether you just want a leveling kit to bring the front of your vehicle up to match the rear, or a full lift kit to raise the entire vehicle, a suspension kit from ProLift will give you all the ground clearance and confidence you need to attack that trail, sling sand, crawl over the rocks and through the mud and come out the on other side.

You want the best technology? ProLift starts with hot forged 6061-T6 billet aluminum that has a tensile strength of 45,000 psi. Then they use advanced CAD-CAM machining to deliver the highest precision shaping of the complex structural designs. Once machined, all parts are given a Mil-Spec Type III hardcoat nickel anodized surface that protects against corrosion and resistance to wear.

ProLift uses their proprietary AVT, Advanced Vibration Technologies to produce tuned damping techniques that utilize surface disruption technologies and durometer optimized elastomer components to absorb targeted vehicle vibrations and resonance. What does all that techno mumbo jumbo mean? It means that a ProLift suspension kit will always give you complete control even in the toughest off-road conditions!

But all that high end technology doesn’t mean you need PhD to install one of these kits. ProLift kits are designed and built by engineers and mechanics that have decades of experience with this stuff! These guys know what they’re doing and the kits are bolt-in easy to install and don’t require any cutting, welding, or fabricating so you can do the job right in your own driveway or garage.

Still not convinced these are the best lift kits and leveling kits on the market? What if we told you that if a part breaks we will give you a new one, FREE! Even if you are not the original purchaser! You won’t need a warranty card or a receipt and there is no time limit. Just bring us the broken part and you’re covered! You see, ProLift makes all of their lift kits and suspension parts right here in the good ol’ USA and they are committed to the highest level of performance, quality and extreme reliability and customer satisfaction. That’s you.

So get on over to your nearest Chux Trux store or check us out on the web at and join some of the top professionals in off-roading, hunting, and fishing with a Prolift kit for your truck!

By: Chris Ripper