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Things You Didn?t Know About Chux Trux Vinyl Wraps ? But Should

Jan 30 2016

Things You Didn’t Know About Chux Trux Vinyl Wraps – But Should

Color Change Vinyl WrapWhen it comes to vinyl wraps, the sky is the limit. Well that, and your imagination. There are so many options when it comes to wrapping vehicles and other things, you can get overwhelmed just thinking about it.

Color Change Wraps


You can have the entire color of your vehicle changed without one drop of paint. Using high quality vinyl, the pros here at Chux can take your white car and make it red, your blue truck and make it matte black, your yellow Corvette and make it cheetah print…you get the idea.


A full color change wrap is the way to go if your paint is already in great shape and you don’t want to damage it. The full color wrap not only changes the color of your vehicle, it actually protects the paint underneath. This is the way to go if you change your mind a lot, like keeping up with new trends or plan on selling your vehicle in the future and want to keep the paint pristine.

White Pearl Color ChangeAffordable Vinyl Wrap

And if it’s your wallet that’s putting the limit on things, check out a few affordable wraps that can be a huge difference in the look of your vehicle.

You don’t need to wrap your whole vehicle to make it stand out. You can do what’s called a partial wrap. Wrap just the top half or just the bottom half of your vehicle. This gives it a two-tone look, gives you a custom job and doesn’t cost as much as a full wrap.

You can also have the hood, roof and trunk (if it’s a car) wrapped in a color that contrasts with your paint. This gives your vehicle an instant update and it won’t cost near as much as a full wrap. And since you’re saving money on this option, go ahead and get the cool looking stuff like flat black wrap or carbon fiber wrap.

Another way to stand out and look like a custom paint job is to use a solid color like black on the hood and roof, and add a small stripe on the edge, reminiscent of the look muscle cars had. Talk about a custom look with attention to details.


Matte Black Color Change Wrap

Another way to stand out without the big expense is just getting a vinyl wrap stripe that stands out from your paint. Pick your favorite color or just something that contrasts against your paint and no one will ever mistake your vehicle with anyone else. And those stripes don’t have to be boring. Mix it up and have a thick and a thin stripe, several small stripes or a single wide stripe.

Partial Wrap

Have a Flat Surface? We Can Vinyl Wrap It

We can change the look of not only your vehicle, but just about anything with a smooth, flat surface. Have an old ugly refrigerator? Have it wrapped and have the coolest looking fridge in town. Want to add some character to your boring Craftsman toolbox in your garage? We can wrap that to be any color or have graphics all over it. You can even have camo vinyl wrap put on and have a toolbox all of your friends want.

We can apply vinyl wrap to any smooth surface. Take a look around you, decide what you want to upgrade and we can make it happen.Hood and Trunk Wrap

Free Vinyl Wraps

Chux will wrap baby helmets for those with positional plagiocephaly or “flat head syndrome.” Some babies with this issue benefit from wearing a specially designed helmet (per doctor’s orders) for a certain amount of time. Chux will gladly wrap these helmets in your design for free. Your baby may not know or care what his or her helmet looks like, but when they look back at those baby pics, they’ll know they had to have the coolest parents to pick out a custom designed and wrapped baby helmet like that.

Free Vinyl Wraps

If you have any questions, design ideas or anything else you want to ask about vinyl wraps or baby helmet wraps, give us a call today at 1-877-375-3915 or stop by one of our Kansas City locations.


Vinyl Wrap Maintenance

Apr 2 2015

When you choose to vinyl wrap your vehicle, you get an added bonus of easy upkeep. Not only does the wrap protect your original paint, the vinyl itself is pretty easy to clean. That said, there are a few things you can do to keep your new wrap looking good and lasting several years.

First Things First

Keep a close eye on your new wrap for the first few weeks. If you notice anything out of place like bubbles or peeling edges, let us know. These things can easily be taken care of and fixed in the first few weeks when the wrap is still new.

When you stop for gas, make sure to keep all gasoline off of the wrap. If you happen to get any gas on the vinyl, wash it with soap and water as soon as possible so it doesn’t mess up the vinyl.

Washing Your Vinyl Wrapped Vehicle

You can take your vehicle through drive-thru car washes, but we don’t recommend it. The only one we’d try is a brushless wash. The brushes or rags that most drive-thru washes use can catch the edge of your vinyl wrap and cause it to fail. They can also dull the vinyl material.

The best and safest way to wash your vinyl wrap is by hand with soap and water. For the soap, we recommend Crystaltek Wrap Wash. Use a soft sponge, towel or wash mitt and then rinse using a garden hose. If you use a spray attachment on the hose, keep it at low pressure.

Crystaltek Wash Wrap should work on stubborn things like tar or bug guts. Wipe the area with isopropyl alcohol and then use the Wash Wrap on it.

Pressure Washing

Sometimes you’ve got a pressure washer in your hands and feel the need to clean your vehicle. Don’t do it. But if you absolutely have to, stay away from the edges and seams so the water doesn’t get pushed under the vinyl. Stay at least 18” away with a maximum pressure of 800 psi and don’t use water hotter than 100 degrees.

Keep It Looking Good

If you want to keep your vinyl wrap looking like new, use Crystaltek Wrap Polish. We don’t recommend using regular automotive waxes since they can melt in the hot sun and stain your vinyl.

Use a synthetic chamois or micro fiber towel for drying your vinyl wrap. It can get water spots just like paint if you don’t dry it.

Vinyl wrap is a great alternative to paint in lots of ways. Take a few extra steps to keep it clean and looking good are definitely worth the trouble.

If you’ve got questions about your vinyl wrap or want to have your vehicle wrapped, stop by Chux Trux in Kansas City and we’ll hook you up.


Graphic Vinyl Wrap

Jan 26 2015

Carbon fiber vinyyl wrapCamo Wrap, Carbon Fiber Wrap and More

Ready to make your vehicle really stand out? Treat yourself to some carbon fiber or camo vinyl wrap. There’s no better way to have the one vehicle everyone stares at in a parking lot full of cars.

These graphic vinyl wrap patterns don’t have to be loud and scary looking. Go with a dark, original looking carbon fiber for more of a subtle look. Camo vinyl wrap doesn’t have to be bold, contrasting colors that yell out as you drive by. Unless you want it be.

Graphics and Images

You can have any picture or image you want transferred onto vinyl and wrap your vehicle in it, as long as it’s a high resolution image with no unwanted background. Want to show off your sunset picture down the side of your van? Bring it in and we’ll put it on there. Drive a clunker and want a picture of a Porshe down the side? Bring in a good picture of a Porshe and we can wrap it up for you. You can even get the image of your cats wrapped right there on your vehicle. The taste and judgment are all up to you.

Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap

Carbon fiber is just hot. But in a cool, you-know-something-that-they-don’t kind of way. Whether you use a little or a lot, carbon fiber vinyl wrap says you’ve got style and know how to use it. Cover your hood, trunk, mirrors, accent pieces and even interior pieces. This sporty, high-tech graphic pattern is stylish and here to stay no matter what kind of vehicle you have.

Carbon Fiber doesn’t have to always be done in the same gray/black color pattern. We can get carbon fiber in many different colors like white, grey anthracite, gold and more.

Camo vinyl wrapCamo Vinyl Wrap

Camo is a popular choice in vinyl wrapping but it’s because there are so many styles and patterns of camouflage to choose from. If you’re into hunting or just happen to like grass and trees, go for the hunting style camo patterns from RealTree or Mossy Oak. Don’t stop with the rocker panels or sides of your truck. Go for the interior too. Bring the bush inside and you’ll enjoy your camo from the driver’s seat.

There’s also digital camo, military camo and camo in every color under the sun. Use it to wrap your bug shields, bed covers, boat, trailer and ATV and you’ll have a matching set of everything. Wrap your whole truck and use it as a hunting blind. No need to climb into a tree stand during hunting season.

Graphic Vinyl Wrap Makes It Better

Get a whole new look for your vehicle with graphic vinyl wrap. Add personality, style and function. Here at Chux, we can wrap just about anything with a smooth surface. If you want your kitchen table done in carbon fiber, bring it on down to the shop. We can even camo your fridge.

It only ends with your imagination.


What Can You Expect With Vinyl Wrap?

Jan 26 2015

Full vinyl wrapWhen it comes to vinyl wrap, we know our stuff at Chux Trux. You’ve got questions and we’re ready to answer before you even ask. We’ve made a list of things you might want to know before coming in to check out our vinyl wrap. Just things you might want to know before you walk in and ask 100 questions. Not that we mind questions – we love helping. But in all those questions, we don’t want you to forget any little details. So here you go.

Designing vinyl graphics:

Solid colors are no problem, but if you want images or graphic designs, try to keep the most detailed sections on the flat areas of the vehicle. That way you won’t have curves or seams changing the image up once it’s on your vehicle. Vinyl gets stretched and shrunk during installation to help it fit better around curves, so you don’t want your images in these areas distorted from shrinkage or stretching when the wrap is installed.

Bumpers can be wrapped but they aren’t easy to do and don’t always last like the rest of the vehicle since they typically take more abuse from rock chips, bugs, etc.  

We can apply perforated vinyl to your windows (like on a bus – you can see out but it’s hard for others to see in) to continue your design, but the color won’t be quite as vibrant as the other parts of the vehicle. This is because of the thousands of little “holes” in the perforated material that allows you to see out.

We can make a design or graphic of just about anything. You can take an image or picture and print it on the vinyl and apply it to your vehicle just like that. It just has to be extremely high resolution and not have any unwanted background.


As great as vinyl wraps are, they can’t be made in 10 minutes. For graphics or images, it’ll take about a day or two to print them out, another 24 hours for them to “gas” and then a day to have it all laminated. Any shop that doesn’t do all of those things before applying the vinyl to your vehicle isn’t doing it right. You’ll end up with bubbles or air under the vinyl, corners and edges that are peeling up or other problems that come from rushing the job or vinyl that will fade prematurely.

Covering original color with vinyl wrapHow We Install Vinyl Wrap:

Just like when painting a car, we take off all of the parts that could possibly get in the way (within reason). Mirrors, door handles, taillights, emblems, etc. are removed so the vinyl can be installed properly. Anyone who wants to leave all of those parts and just cut around them all shouldn’t be left alone with a pack of stickers.

We don’t recommend wrapping textured surfaces like those black plastic door handles and trim pieces. The vinyl won’t adhere well to those and will end up failing at some point that you won’t like.

Before starting with the vinyl, your vehicle has to be extremely clean. Even if you bring it to us straight from the detail shop, we will spend half a day cleaning it to make sure the vinyl has the best surface possible for lasting the longest and looking the best. We apply adhesion promoter on areas of your vehicle that are more likely to fail. We use heat for better adhesion too.

It will take about 2-3 days to install a full wrap on a vehicle.

Upkeep and Maintenance on Vinyl Wrap: Full color change with vinyl wrap

Vinyl wraps and graphics are very durable and tougher than you think. A lot of that has to do with our installation methods, but the vinyl itself is pretty tough too. We recommend washing your vinyl wrapped vehicle with soap made just for vinyl and rinsing with water. Some people drive their vinyl wrapped vehicles through drive thru car washes without issues, but the brushes and towels/rags used there can scratch the vinyl or catch an edge and pull up.

Vinyl Warranty

The wrap we use has a manufacturer warranty of 3 years. If it fails or has a defect because of the material, you’re covered for 3 years. Here at Chux Trux we guarantee our installation for 1 years. If anything happens to your wrap like it gets keyed, you get into a wreck, or someone decides to pull some of it off, we can easily reprint the affected body panel and replace it.

Since your vinyl wraps normally last around 5 years, you should look forward to enjoying your wrapped vehicle for many years.

Come by Chux Trux today to start your vinyl wrap experience. 


Why Your Business Vehicle Needs Vinyl Wrap Today

Jan 26 2015

Business vehicle with vinyl wrap.Why Your Business Vehicle Needs Vinyl Wrap Today

If you’re looking for a way to get your business in front of thousands of people every single day without cleaning out your marketing funds (and embarrassing yourself horribly = most local small business commercials), you’ve come to the right place. Vinyl wrap for businesses is often overlooked, but is a great way to spread the word, show customers your product or service and only spend about $1/day.

Wrapping your fleet vehicles or your business vehicle puts your message out in front of everyone on the streets, highways, parking lots and area. Your message gets put in front of faces around town every day. That alone builds trust with your brand and business. You can’t put a price tag on people thinking of your business first when they need or want the kind of products or services you offer. And just because they remember seeing your vinyl wrapped truck at the red light or at the donut shop every morning.

Besides building trust with your company, vinyl wraps make your business look even bigger and more professional than it already is. We aren’t saying you aren’t legit, but a vinyl wrapped business vehicle can even make a Tupperware seller look more professional, so you know it’ll be a positive for your company.

What kind of company can benefit from having a vinyl wrapped car or truck? Food trucks, florists, plumbers, electricians, any kind of contractor, service providers of all kinds or any business you can think of. If you drive around scooping up dead animals off of streets, you can benefit from wrapping your company truck in vinyl. Unless you rob banks for a living, there’s no reason you can’t grow your business from potential customers seeing your message splashed on a car or truck in vinyl glory.

Let’s make a list of all the reasons you need your business or fleet vehicles covered in vinyl wrap with your company message proudly on display:

  • It’ll be seen 24/7.

  • It’s visible to everyone in town everywhere your vehicle goes.

  • It only costs about $1.64 per day for a vehicle.

  • The wrap can tell your story and show your service or products.

  • Gives you that immediate boost of being larger or more professional.

  • Extends the life of company vehicles that look a little old. The vinyl covers blemishes and immediately does the work of a top-of-the-line paint job, without the huge cost.

  • Put a different message or ad on each side of your vehicle.Vinyl wrap on business vehicle.

  • Cover the whole vehicle to tell your story and show how customer’s lives are better with your product.

  • Have all of your company vehicles match to take your business to the next level.

  • Change your message and advertising whenever you want without the cost of repainting.

  • Put your company logo or brand on all of your company vehicles with vinyl wrap.

  • Use eye-catching graphics or designs on the vinyl – if you can print it, it can be done in vinyl.

  • Your company car can be wrapped in vinyl in just a day or two, unlike a week or more with paint.

Okay, so now that you can see all of the reasons you should have your company car vinyl wrapped, let’s talk about the reasons it’s a bad idea.

  • People around town will notice your business more, creating more traffic to your store, more phone calls, and you may need to hire more staff.

That’s all we’ve got.

Business cars in vinyl wrap can only mean good things for your business and for your advertising budget. Every day that passes without having your message spreading all over town is costing you in a bad way. If you’re in the Kansas City area, come visit us at Chux Trux and we’ll get you all the info you need and answer any questions you may have about covering your commercial vehicle in vinyl wrap.


Chux Can Wrap Almost Anything

Apr 17 2014

Vinyl wrap on model carVinyl wrap is awesome. Why? Because it comes in colors and graphics limited only by your imagination. And if your imagination isn’t all that great, you can use someone else’s and let them create it for you. Ever wanted a giant picture of your face on your hood? Or maybe your dog’s face (yeah, there really are people out there who’d do that)? Do it! Want a flamed-out paint job but don’t want to shell out the $5k or more to have it done? Do it in vinyl.

When you think of vinyl wrap you probably picture different things, depending on your age. Some might picture the seat of a cheap car or a bench at an old diner. And some could really misinterpret and picture a vinyl record, thinking of “vinyl rap.” Not even close. We’re talking about the vinyl that, thanks to modern technology, you can actually wrap your car in like a cool paint job. But without the paint.  And the high cost. And the paint technician that’s always high on something other than paint fumes.

The thing is, vinyl wrap can be made to look like anything. Want your car covered in camouflage? What about flat black? You can have any color, any kind of graphics or images printed on the vinyl and applied to your car. You could even change the vinyl when you change girlfriends and avoid that ex-stalker. And vinyl won’t harm the original paint at all, unlike that ex-girlfriend.

Take a look at what our very talented installer at Chux did. He wrapped a model car in vinyl, including the seats, dash and whitewalls on the tires. If you thought vinyl wrap had to be applied to a large, smooth area, you’ve got to check this thing out. For one thing, a large, smooth surface is the easiest thing to cover in vinyl. It’s the small, curved, edged, pointy parts that are tricky. And this model car is full of tricky parts. But think about it. If he can take a model car and get it to look like this, what do you think he can do to your car that’s nowhere near as tricky?

People are having their very expensive sports cars wrapped in vinyl right here at Chux. Why? Because we know what we’re doing. We know you don’t want to drive away and feel like you could have gotten a better job done by kids with stickers at the daycare down the road. We’re professionals and it shows. We take our time to do the job right. We treat every vinyl wrap like it’s going to be on our personal vehicles for the next few years. No every installer does this. You can’t go to any custom shop and have them wrap your car in vinyl and expect it to last through more than a few washes. Nope. Not gonna happen.

If you want your car wrapped in vinyl so that it looks like it was born that way, come visit us at Chux to get started picking your color and designing your art. 


What You Need to Know About Vinyl Wraps

Feb 17 2014

Z06 Corvette matte black wrap w brushed black roof-hood insert - wrapped wheels

For more than 20 years, Chux Trux has been customizing trucks, vans, motorcycles, and cars for our Kansas City area customers. In that time, we've learned a lot about graphics, vinyl wraps, and wrapping cars.


What's that? You don't know what a vinyl wrap is?  Well, fear not, you've found the experts. Chux has a full-time crew of vinyl wrap specialists who have been doing this every day for quite some time. If you want a wrap, you've come to the right place.


Vinyl Wraps

Sometime called car-wraps, car decals, or just wraps, a vinyl wrap is basically a thin layer of high quality vinyl we place over your car, or just parts of it. They are computer designed that can include high resolution graphics, images, text and more.  All of it laid out in some of the coolest, sickest (that’s a good thing), and most custom styles you can image (and some you couldn’t even dream of).  Once applied, it looks like a natural paint coat, perfectly blending in with your car's natural lines. Because we design them on a computer and custom print them in house, the Chux Trux team can make a vinyl wrap that can cover your car, motorcycle, truck, van, tractor-trailer, go-cart, tool-box, refrigerator, table-top, or anything else you can think of. We can also make them with any color or design you want to make.


Why get a vinyl wrap? Consider the following:


  • Enhanced Look.  Vinyl wraps are one of the best things to happen to customizers in decades. With a vinyl wrap, you don't have to go through the pain of selecting a new color scheme and finding a body shop that will actually be able to make your vehicle look the way you want it to. For some people, a vinyl wrap is the ideal solution when deciding on a new paint job or customization. A good vinyl wrap can make your vehicle look brand new practically overnight. It can also extend the life of your vehicle by adding a protective coating over your exterior that protects it from damage while still allowing you to go back to your original paint color just by removing the wrap.


  • Fully Customizable. A vinyl wrap turns your car into a paint canvas that you can show off to the world. You can put absolutely any image you want on your vehicle, and we do mean any image. If you have an idea for an image but don't know exactly how you want it to look, Chux Trux has a team of graphic designers who can work with you, flesh-out your idea, and come up with a bunch of options. At the other end of the spectrum, if you already have a photo, design, or image firmly in mind, we can take it and fit it onto your vehicle just the way you want it. With a vinyl wrap, there's no end of choices and options.


  • Cut-To-Fit. Because we design each car wrap and fit it to your car's specifications, we can create any size and design combination you want. We can cover your hood, one side of your car, a single fender on your motorcycle, an entire side of your company van, or go full-steam ahead and wrap every visible part of your vehicle. We can even make wraps to cover building windows, conference room walls, interior spaces, or almost anywhere else. If it has a relatively flat surface without too much texture, we can make a custom vinyl wrap for it. Yeah. We're that good.


  • Safe. A vinyl wrap won't damage your paint, leave behind permanent marks on your windows, or leave any imperfections. If you want to remove it, we can do that for you. If you want to leave it on, it adds an additional protective layer that lasts for years and years. You can even wash it just like you would normally wash your car and it will look even better.


  • New Look. New Car.  If your ride runs fine but looks like it has seen better days, or you’re just tired of looking at it, wrapping your car in a custom color scheme can be much more affordable than trading it in.  Not to mention the hassle of buying a new car.  A full graphic wrap from Chux Trux can give an old car, truck or van new life, a whole new look and give you a new found feeling of pride every time you turn heads while driving down the road.  Want a flat black (or flat white) looking paint job?  Chux does that.  Want it a custom graphic, two tone paint look and a showroom shine?  Chux does that too.  There is ALMOST NOTHING you can’t do with a great computer, graphic designers, bukoo bucks worth of equipment and some of the most talented vinyl wrap artists in the Midwest.  If you can dream it, Chux can probably do it.


  • Cost Effective. People who want a custom paint job but have never paid for one before are often shocked at how much they cost. Even a simple custom-paint job design with a basic paint scheme can start at well over $5,000.  And if you want to paint on a design similar to some of today's more popular vinyl wrap designs, such as a carbon fiber look, you can easily be looking at $10,000 or more.


On the other hand, a simple, rear-window see-through vinyl wrap graphic can cost as low as about $200, while doing a two-tone wrap (covering the lower half of the car) starts at under $700 and doing a complete color change starts at less than $1500. If you wanted to achieve the same effect with paint, you could easily spend at 2 to 5 times that much. No matter your budget, the Chux crew will be able to help you pick a wrap that fits your needs and one that won't your wallet.


  • Popular Colors. Lately, the Chux vehicle wraps crew has been installing a lot of different looks, but carbon fiber, flat black, black primer, and flat white have been very popular. Any of these looks will make your vehicle stand out, and can even add a significant value if you ever decide to resell it. For our commercial customers, even a simple rear-window decal can add that look of professionalism that you can't achieve with a removable magnetic sign. Just be careful, though. With a wrap that looks good and fits your car just right, you may turn more heads than you expected.


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The vinyl wrap crew at Chux Trux knows more about this topic than is probably healthy for any individual human being. Our vehicle wrap team does this full time, and they're always designing, installing, and thinking about this stuff. There's a reason why our customers keep coming back to us for their car wrap needs.


Even if you're just thinking about a wrap but aren't sure, all you have to do is call or e-mail us today. We'll tell you everything there is to know about wraps and then some. So stop reading and contact us now.