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Remote Start FAQ?s - Things You Need to Know

Apr 2 2015

A remote start can be a huge convenience and lifesaver on those days of extreme temperatures. They can also be a little intimidating if you’ve never had one before. We’ve lined up some of the most common questions and info people have about remote starts and how to use them. Enjoy.

  • Can a thief steal your car if it’s running with the remote start?

The remote start system keeps the doors locked if you left them locked when you last got out of the vehicle. Many systems include a keyless entry so you can even lock your doors once you start it, as long as you are within range. Also, even if a thief does get into your running vehicle, they’ll need to keys to go anywhere. As soon as they touch the brake pedal (required to shift out of park) the engine will die unless the keys are put into the ignition and turned to the “on” position.

  • Are remote starts legal? Is it illegal to leave a car running and unattended?

Check your local city/state regulations. These are laws are designed to keep people from leaving keys in the ignition making it easy to steal a car, but you can’t just drive off in a car running from a remote start. If the keys are in the ignition, it may be against the law. Without the keys (with the remote start) it may be fine. But check your local laws, they can be stupid sometimes.

  • Will Chux Trux install a remote that I bought online or somewhere else?

No. Most of the time we’ll gladly install items bought elsewhere. Remotes are one of the exceptions. Many of these take half a day to install and that’s if you’re familiar with the brand. For any other brands it could take even longer, costing you more money. Plus we can’t warranty any part that we didn’t sell you.

  • Does a remote start work in warm weather?

Yep, turn your AC on high in summer when you leave your car so when you turn the remote on next time, the AC will be on.

  • What about cold weather?

Yep. Leave the heater on high when you get out so it’ll warm your vehicle up nice and toasty when you use the remote start next time.

  • What’s the difference between a 1-way vs a 2-way remote system?

1-way is cheaper, but like everything else, you get what you pay for. Does a 1-way work? Sure it does. But how do you know it worked? Were you out of range? Did your vehicle actually start or did the motor just turn over (like on super cold days when it’s hard to start)? A 1-way transmits a signal to the vehicle, but it doesn’t “talk back”.  If you park where you can see your vehicle from a window, then you may be able to tell if it started by the headlights or the exhaust on cold days. 2-way systems have either indicator lights on your key fob or a small screen that actually tells you that the vehicle was successfully started. You talk to it and it talks to you. The 2-way remotes cost more but are definitely worth it if you can’t always see your vehicle.

Most vehicles have factory keys (with the thick, black head on them) that send a transponder code to your vehicle’s immobilizer system to allow the vehicle to start. Without that transponder code, it won’t start. With a remote start system, you have to have a bypass module to allow a transponder code to be sent to the immobilizer system even without that factory key in the ignition.

  • Why do you need me to bring another key to the vehicle for the install?

Most of the vehicles that use new interface systems require two keys that start the ignition for programming purposes. Your vehicle has to have a key in the proximity so the transponder can “talk” to the computer. One of these keys will be “buried” deep inside your vehicle that allows it to talk to the vehicles computer when you hit the start button. But don’t worry, you won’t be able to get to this key and neither will a thief.

  • What is the range of the remote start? What is clear line of sight?

The range of the remote start means how far away from your vehicle the remote needs to be to start it. Clear line of site is what’s between your key fob and the vehicle. If you work inside a big building like a commercial building, hospital or school, that range goes down a lot. You have doors, walls, insulation, wiring, plumbing and then trees, bushes and other vehicles and who knows what else between your key fob and your vehicle. Go for a remote start with a range much higher range than you think you’ll need and you won’t have to worry about being too far away.

  • How long does it run once I start it?

Most systems come pre-set at 15 to 20 minutes. We can set it for you, but generally it’s left at 20 minutes. This gives your car or truck enough time to warm up on cold days or cool down on hot days.

  • Will the remote start void my factory warranty?


  • Will remote starts work with diesel and/or stick shifts?

Yes and yes. We have remote starts that have features that’ll work with your vehicle’s needs. Even for vehicles with push-button starts. Most of our remote starters include the option to tie into the glow plug light that diesels use. When the glow plug light goes out, the remote start unit senses this and then starts the vehicle. Sometimes, we have to install a delay in the remote starter so the glow plugs get fully heated. Depending on the vehicle and engine, this could be anywhere from 5 seconds to as much as 30 seconds.

So overall, getting a remote start for your vehicle is the way to go. You’ll climb into a warm and toasty vehicle each morning on your way to work and into a nice, cool cab when you leave work on those hot summer afternoons. Either way, once you have Chux Trux install your remote start, you’ll be spoiled and not want to go without a remote again.


WeatherTech Floor Liners Score a Touchdown with Fans

Jan 7 2014

WeatherTech Floor Liners with Snow Boots

You may have seen the Super Bowl ads for WeatherTech Floor Mats. Even though most ads during the big game are pretty funny, WeatherTech wasn’t joking around when they said these floor mats are the $#%!. Well, they didn’t say it in those exact terms, but that’s what they meant.


And they’re right.


What other floor mats or floor liners stand up the abuse WeatherTech floor mats do? None.  Not only that, these floor liners are built more like floor trays, holding mud, liquid and other messy stuff in them like a bowl holds soup. Then there’s the laser-measured thing where the floor liners are made to fit like they were conjured up by magicians. The WeatherTech guys actually use a laser to measure the floor liner area of your specific type of vehicle so these liners will fit perfectly. That’s what you call perfection, ladies and gentlemen.


WeatherTech floor mats are made to last pretty much forever. You won’t wear them out or spill some kind of toxic liquid that’ll eat a hole through them, since they’re resistant to just about everything. With that being said, they aren’t cheap floor mats. But they are the absolute best floor mats you’ll ever wipe your muddy boots across. That’s just a fact. The price depends on your vehicle and what floor mats you’re buying, since they’re made for the front seat area, 2nd row seats, 3rd row (if you have one) and the cargo area of SUV’s. That’s right – full protection for your whole vehicle. And since they’ll last forever, you won’t ever have to buy a new set. That means less shopping. You’re welcome.


Weather Tech floor mats keep it simple when it comes to colors: black, tan or gray. Think about it: not many vehicles have royal blue or bright red interiors like they did in the 70’s and 80’s. Black, tan or gray is sure to match any factory interior color you’ve got.


If you’re on the fence about how absolutely amazing these WeatherTech floor liners are, check out some WeatherTech floor mat reviews. You won’t find anyone on the Internet that says these things are anything but the best.


So if you’re looking for the best floor mats known to man, and woman, come on over to Chux Trux and pick out your set of WeatherTech floor mats. We’ve got more floor mats in Kansas City than anyone else to try out so give our experts a call today. You can also order your set of WeatherTech floor liners at our website right now at

WeatherTech Floor Liners Color Swatches

By: Chris Ripper


What You Need To Know About Choosing Floor Mats

Jun 26 2012

Everybody’s seen them and everybody knows what they’re for. Whether you call them floor mats, floor liners, carpet mats, car mats, or any other one of their numerous names, they all do the same basic job. That is to keep the mud, dust, slush, snow, dirt, those fries from last month, spilled coffee, torn up lottery tickets, and all other manor of trash and junk from being permanently ground into the factory carpeting in your vehicle.

There are literally hundreds of different brands and styles of mats out there so how do you know which one will work best for your particular vehicle and situation? Well dear kiddies, that’s what we’re here for. So sit back and relax and let us school you on everything floor mat!

There are a couple of basic types of mats. The first is the floor liner or floor tray. These will cover the entire floor of your vehicle from door sill to door sill. They are usually made of molded rubber, although there are some that are made of all-weather carpet. They generally have a lip around the edge to keep all that junk we just mentioned from rolling under your seats or on to any exposed carpet areas. These are usually custom fit meaning they are vehicle specific.

Probably the leading brand of floor liners is Weather Tech. They use digital laser measurements of the floor surfaces and locations of pedals and other obstructions to make sure that the fit is perfect. The surface design of their floor liners consist of channels that carry water and debris away from your shoes and into a lower reservoir making them easy to clean out. This lower reservoir also minimizes the movement of trapped fluids when you are driving over rough roads or even off road.

The next type of floor liner you might want to consider is from Husky Liners. They make custom fit floor liners and floor mats for your front, second, and third seat areas as well as cargo areas and trunks. Their patented rubberized plastic is guaranteed for the life of your vehicle not crack or break and will keep the carpeting looking like new. Special nubs molded into the underside grip your carpeting and prevents the floor liner from moving around when you’re getting in or out.

Nifty Products has a line of carpeted floor liners that are also custom fit for your vehicle. Unlike the molded rubber variety, the carpeted floor liners from Lund will add a touch of luxury to your interior. They are just as soil and stain resistant as the rubber floor liners but the carpet fibers will actually help to scrape mud and snow from your shoes and they can be washed clean with a hose.

If you don’t need the entire floor area of your vehicle to be covered then you should consider regular floor mats. These generally just cover the foot well areas of each seating position and leave some of the factory carpeting exposed. You will still have to yell at your little brother when he gets his muddy shoes on the transmission hump, but for the most part they do the job.

Most floor mats are considered semi-custom fit in that a single design may fit many different vehicles. Don’t be fooled by the cheapo-cheapo one-size-fits-all mats that are sold by most of the big box stores.  They may claim to fit all, but they don’t any very well. You’ve seem ‘em, you know what we’re talking about.

If you’re not sure what floor mat will fit your vehicle, you can refer to the manufacturer’s website or better yet, call one of our specialists at any of our stores around the Kansas City area or email us for details, pricing, and even installation appointments.

Once again, WeatherTech is the leader in the rubber floor mat arena with the most durable, all-weather floor mats that are digitally measured to fit your vehicle perfectly. They feature the same channels as their floor liners to keep all the crud from getting on your shoes and clothing. They will not crack or harden in sub-zero temps and they have ridges on the bottom to prevent them from shifting so they will not get tangled up in your pedals. Most of WeatherTech’s floor mats are vehicle specific but they also have some that are the best possible fit for certain applications using the many patterns and sizes they make.

The next brand of floor mat you should consider is PlastiColor. This company offers a wide variety of licensed floor mats that will make the interior of any vehicle look better and the help the carpeting last longer. They have literally dozens and dozens of fully licensed logos and designs so you are sure to find one that will compliment your vehicle.

So, now you know a little more about floor mats and such, which type do you need for your vehicle? Well, floor liners, of course, will give you the most protection from carpet damage. They cover the entire floor, from door sill to door sill and from under the seat to up under the dash. They are still removable for cleaning and although most are rubber there are a few that feature all weather carpet. They are all designed to fit your specific vehicle perfectly.

Floor mats, unlike floor liners, will only cover the foot well areas of your vehicle. They can be a little less perfect in fit and are more easily removed for cleaning. They are also more commonly made of all-weather carpet to better compliment the interior of your vehicle.

Is your car or truck a daily driver that stays mostly on the pavement and used primarily for commuting and running errands. Then floor mats made of carpet are probably a good choice for you. But if you have a work truck that sees heavy use, a lot getting in and out, and is constantly getting down in the mud, dust, snow and slush. Maybe you have small children or you are the “bus” for the soccer team. In any of those situations a full floor liner may be just the ticket.

Either way you want to go, our guys can give all the help and advice you need by just picking up the phone and calling one of our stores. We have four in the Kansas City area. Or you can shoot us an email. We can set you up with the best product for your application and can even provide professional installation.

So stop wrecking the factory carpet of that new vehicle right now and get your floor protected with a new floor liner or set of mats from Chux today! Right now! Call Us!  We mean it!

By: Chris Ripper