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Attitude Adjustment for the Chevy SS

May 1 2019

Chevy SS suspension handling kit    Chevy SS lowering kit 

Since Chevy debuted the SS sedan in 2014, very little has been seen or heard from these sleepers.  With a 6.2L, 415HP LS3 V-8 motor and rear wheel drive, you’ve got a near equivalent of a Corvette-powered family cruiser.


And while there are other makes of high HP sedans on the road today that aren’t as “sleepy”, die-hard GM fans have mostly good things to say about this highway rocket.  But where this car is lacking is the sports car stance. Overall, this still looks like a sporty family car that might make the mother-in-law say, “Holy crap” when you nail the pedal to the floor while taking her to her annual Mother’s Day brunch.


The handling was fairly decent right out of Detroit, but it was no Lingenfelter Corvette. Some recent customers thought the same thing and brought their 2016 and 2017 SS’s to us for some handling and stance modifications.


 2017 Chevy SS lowering kit     2016 Chevy SS Eibach spring kit

This kit drops the front end 1.2” and the rear 1.3” according to Eibach’s engineering crew.  But it’s not just about the drop.  The springs are a progressive rate which means that they ride soft when floating down the highway with all the slight dips and shallow spots in the road, but they progressively get more firm the harder you make them work.  So if you are going down your street they ride great, but if you hit a corner hard, the springs start to compress slightly and as they compress they get progressively more firm to keep the car flat and level.


We installed an Eibach Pro-series spring kit to lower the center of gravity, reduce the squat you get under hard acceleration along with body roll in cornering and minimize nose-diving from harder braking. This kit also reduces the excessive fender-well gaps giving it a MUCH sportier appearance.  When you combine it with a slightly larger tire and rim setup, you get some subtle appearance improvements with noticeable handling upgrades.


Eibach Chevy SS Lowering Kit  

And there are no alignment issues with this high-quality kit. It aligns to the cars OEM specs without any issues.


The red 2017 SS pictured is running factory wheels and tires while the black 2016 is running a staggered fitment setup with 20x8.5” rims in the front and 20x10’s in the rear.


 2017 Chevy SS lowering kit Kansas City     2016 Chevy SS lowering kit kansas city


There are many ways to improve handling, cornering and overall performance. Chux Trux has lots of solutions for almost any car, truck or Jeep.  Contact us now at any of our 3 stores. We have locations in Independence, Mo., Kansas City, Mo. (Northland) and Olathe, Ks. 


BDS vs. ProComp Suspension

Jul 20 2017

ProComp Lift Kits vs. BDS Lift Kits

Pro-Comp-versus-BDS-lift-kitsIn a previous blog we talked about Pro Comp suspension components and lift kits that are available from Chux Trux. Pro Comp lift kits are really good, but if you’re looking for a premium kit for your Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Ram, Toyota truck or Jeep, then another line of off-road suspension products you should consider are from BDS Suspension. BDS has over 45 years in the industry and offers premium suspension products at affordable prices. And because of this knowledge and experience, and because they are confident in the quality of their products, BDS offers what they call their “No Fine Print Warranty”. What that means is if you are the original purchaser of any BDS product and it breaks, they will give you a new one. No fine print. Period. 

All the R&D work is done in house by BDS and test fit by the industry’s leading engineers. This assures you of the best fit and smoothest installation possible. And you can be sure that every kit will contain everything necessary to do the job right. All of the parts in BDS’ lift kits fit and perform as close to original equipment as possible. Along with that OE style fit comes full compliance to the federal VMVSS no. 126 standards.

BDS-lift-kits-vs-Pro-CompTo reduce the risk of rollover crashes the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) established the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 126 requiring all new passenger vehicles under 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight include an electronic stability control (ESC) system as standard equipment. FMVSS No. 126 tests new vehicle ESC systems through a series of evasive lane-change maneuvers at highway speeds to ensure the driver can maintain control in critical driving situations. Compliance with the FMVSS No.126 means that all of BDS’ suspension products and lift kits will not adversely affect your vehicle’s factory installed electronic stability control system.

Another product that sets BDS Suspension apart from other manufacturers are their cold wound coil springs. Many other springs on the market are hot wound but a cold wound spring will provide more accurate rates and ride heights. BDS’s springs are designed to go to full bind/compression and return to their stated ride heights and they have a lifetime warranty against sag. Many of BDS’ kits for leaf spring rear applications have full replacement rear spring options that also have a lifetime warranty against sag and breakage.

The good news is that BDS offers all their products through an exclusive dealer network that includes Chux Trux. All three Chux locations; Kansas City, Mo., Olathe, KS., Independence, Mo. Carry the full line of both Pro Comp and BDS suspension products. You can be confident in your purchase knowing that you have the full factory backing of BDS and the knowledgeable assistance of the staff at all Chux Trux locations.


ProComp Lift Kits at Chux Trux in Kansas City

Jul 16 2017

ProComp Suspension Lift Kits From Kansas City's Most Trusted Accessory Store

ProComp Suspension Lift Kits Kansas CityPro Comp USA began manufacturing suspension systems for both off and on-road enthusiasts in 1992. Since then they have branched out into the making of wheels, tires, shocks, and more and creating complete lift kits and long travel kits along with other suspension packages for most of the popular models of Ford, Chevy, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, and Toyota trucks.

As an example, their Long Travel Kit for the Toyota Tundra is fully street-able and uses upper and lower extended A-arms that are made from ductile cast iron. The kit comes with  maintenance-free, long lasting, oversized OE-style bushings to give you the same levels of noise and vibration of the factory system while increasing strength and durability.

This kit also includes extended length tie rod ends and CV axles to accommodate the 5-inch increase in track width, which provides added high-speed stability. Ride height is also increased by as much as three to four inches. Rear lift height is achieved with longer spring shackles and multi-leaf spring mini packs.

Pro Comp’s complete suspension lift kits are available for a wide range of vehicles like Ford’s F-150 and others, and include such features as cast and CNC-machined knuckles and laser-cut, CNC-formed and robotically welded cross members. But it’s the little details included in the lift kits that indicate the amount of thought that went into the design and add to the ease of installation. Things such as brake line extensions, longer bump stops, and sway bar drop brackets make these the the most complete suspension kits on the market. 

Toyota Tundra ProComp Lift Kit Overland Park KansasYou don’t have to shop all over the place to find Pro Comp kits and parts or search the internet and wait weeks for your parts to arrive. Chux Trux carries the full line of Pro Comp lift kits, long travel kits, tires, wheels, and other parts right here in the area. With 3 Chux Trux stores in Kansas City, Mo., Olathe, KS., Independence, Mo., we're sure to be nearby.

You can visit any one of the three stores and see these kits for yourself and take advantage of Chux’s “Best Price Guarantee”, which means we’ll beat any local competitors price on the exact same item. So, if you’re thinking about lifting your Ford, Chevy, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, or Toyota truck and you’ve been looking at Pro Comp kits or any of their other products, check us out at any of Chux Trux’s three locations and see how easy it is to let our experienced staff help you make the right choice and save you some money too! 


Will My Lifted Truck Fit In My Garage

Apr 14 2015

New Lift Kit?

It’s a glorious day when you finally get that new lift kit, wheels and tires installed on your truck or SUV. You saved your hard earned cash for the good stuff and now you get to reap the benefits of being the coolest guy on the block. To keep that title, make sure you don’t wreck it in your own driveway.


You’re saying you’d never do that? What about as you pull into your garage for the first time after cruising the streets all afternoon you forget about this awesome lifted stance? You aren’t even thinking about the fact that the wheels and tires alone raised your truck several inches, much less the lift kit that took you into badass status. You swing that bad boy in and BAM! Your light bar, or worse – your roof, slams into the top of the garage door frame, denting both your ride and your house at one time.

And that’s how you quickly find out how good your insurance policies are.

Don’t give the insurance agents a reason to giggle. To make sure your lifted ride fits in your garage all you’ve got to do is take a few measurements. Check this out before you get your lift kit and you’ll know for sure if you can still call the garage home.

You’ll need to know what your current tire height is and what your new tire height will be. If your current tire height is 31” overall and your new tire height will be 35” overall, the difference between them is 4”. Divide that by 2 and you get 2”. Why? Because only the extra tire height below the axle contributes to lifting the truck.

How It Works

The formula for finding out if your lifted truck will fit into the garage is Current Height + Lift + (Tire difference divided by 2) = new overall height.


Current overall height = 75”

Installing a 6” lift

Difference in tire height = 4” overall – divided by 2 = 2”

75 + 6 + 2 =83”

83” is the new overall height. Measure your garage opening and you’ll know if you’re golden.

And don’t forget about natural lifts, like snow. You may slip into the garage with only a couple of inches to spare, but what about when you get used to it? And in a few months when the first snow falls, you forget about those precious few inches of snow that are sitting right up against your garage door. The snow will raise your vehicle up and easily assist in slamming your roof into the garage frame. Don’t forget about snow and don’t run over anyone while in your driveway and you should be fine.

Now if your truck never fit into the garage, it definitely won’t fit now, so don’t try any of this at home.


BDS Suspension

Apr 2 2015

BDS suspension is where it’s at. When it comes to one of the most important elements of your truck – the suspension – you don’t want junk. You want the real deal that’ll last for years without giving it a second thought. BDS is the top choice for a reason. Make that lots of reasons.  

When you’re looking for a good suspension, you get cheapest price or the best quality. Pick one.

The cheapest most bargain-based suspension isn’t going to be as good quality. The construction will be cheap, the installation process will suck and the durability will be a joke. You get what you pay for.  You KNOW this, but you just can’t get yourself to think about it when you are shopping for one of the most critical elements for your truck.   There are lots of cheap lift kits on the market.  Many of these companies build poor kits, but are GREAT MARKETERS.  These guys have convinced your friend to buy one and he’s telling you “Get a ____ kit”.   But does this guy really know what he’s talking about?

Go for the best quality suspension you can get your hands on and you’ll find everything lines up during the install, the parts are made to last and it’ll come with an awesome warranty.

Which scenario would you rather ride around on every day? 

Yeah, sometimes it’s okay to go for the cheaper choice. Looking for bug shields? Go ahead and pick the cheap one. It’ll still do the job.

Want some wind deflectors for your windows? Sure, grab the cheaper pair and be on your way.

Think you’ll save some money and go with the cheaper suspension? You’ll end up spending more in the long-run anyway after you replace parts and end up buying a new suspension in just a few years.

Or maybe sooner.

Why Is BDS The BadAss (in a good way) Choice?

BDS suspension is top of the line in lift kits. This is the suspension you want on your brand new vehicle. It’s also about the only smart choice if you spend a lot of time off-roading. BDS stands behind their product even when it comes to off road driving.

This suspension is designed, developed, made and dreamed up by true truck guys, from the CEO to the sales guys to the engineers. With BDS, you get engineers and designers who “get it,” not some overseas guy who drives a car that’s about 5’ long.

You also get what you pay for with suspensions. You can get a steak at Ruth’s Chris Steak House and you can get a steak at Denny’s. They’re the same….right? Um, no. Not even close. Same with suspension. You get what you pay for. If you don’t want or need the best suspension kit, the best warranty or a power train warranty, don’t go with BDS. Otherwise, pony up and get the best our there. 

Want a great lift kit but your budget doesn’t line up with the best?  BDS created Zone Off-Road to be a little easier on the wallet, but still stand up to higher standards than the cheap brands of suspension. The same people that design BDS also design Zone, so you start out ahead of the pack right there.

Let’s look at why and how BDS Suspension is way better than the rest:

  • BDS is American made, not imported. 
  • The steel is thicker and the powder coat will last longer. 
  • When installing a BDS kit everything lines up.  When installing an entry level kit, you will probably need to pry and coax brackets to get the bolts in.
  • BDS and Zone are designed by full time suspension engineers.  Entry-level kits normally source the engineering for each part and then have them built overseas.
  • BDS and Zone are manufactured by enthusiasts.  Most entry level brands are owned by private equity firms interested only in profits.
  • BDS and Zone use shocks specifically valved for each application.  Entry level kits do not which makes for a harsher ride.
  • BDS offers a No Fine Print lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.  Most entry level kits offer lifetime only on hard parts such as blocks and if you have a warranty issue you must send them the part first.
  • BDS offers many upgrade options.  Entry level kits are very limited.
  • BDS and Zone kits are FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) tested to ensure no problems with the factory vehicle stability control.  Most entry level kits are not.
  • BDS offers a 5-year, 60000-10000 mile drivetrain supplemental warranty for most late model trucks. FREE.  Entry level kits do not.

So there you have it. Get BDS and don’t worry about any of the details like how is it going to fit, is it hard to install, is it going to hold up over time, etc. With BDS, you already know it’ll withstand abuse and all of the torture testing you can do off-road in your truck.

Visit Chux Trux in Kansas City today to get your BDS suspension and get off the road and into some fun.


BDS Suspension vs. Zone Off Road Lift Kits

Jul 18 2014

BDS Suspension VS Zone Off Road Lift Kits

We love our customers. And to prove it, we’re letting you in on a few insider secrets about suspensions. When you come to one of our stores and ask which brand of suspension is better, you need to know we know what we’re talking about. BDS 6inch Lift Kit Ford F150

Why? Because you and your truck can’t be rolling around on a suspension that’s a $2 part away from falling off, when you’ve been lead to believe it’s heavy duty and can’t be broken without a plasma cutter or Thor’s hammer. We’ll never lead you on like that.

We’ve been in business since 1991 and we’ve installed and used just about every brand out there. We know which brands are great, which ones are pretty good and the ones that we wouldn’t install on a truck that’s only meant to sit on the showroom floor and never actually use the suspension for anything more than looks.  Some ride better than others and some are just flat out dangerous.

Which Suspension Lift Kit Is Best?

So no holding back. We’re bringing you on the inside to give you the secrets of the trade. And it’s not all that bad. Honestly, most suspension companies have pretty decent suspensions. But that’s not why you’re still reading this. You want to know the reason why you should hand over thousands of dollars for this one brand over another brand.

Right now you’ll learn why Chux recommends BDS and Zone Off Road suspensions. Do they pay us to tell you they are awesome? No way. But there is a reason we use them.

It’s because they’re built right.

You won’t leave the shop with this suspension on your truck and wonder if you’ve made the right choice. Both of these suspension brands are made with high quality parts and are put together by someone who gives a damn about the finished product.

It doesn’t hurt that FOX Racing is the parent company to both of these companies. They can’t afford to build an inferior or sloppy product.

Where are the missing pieces…?

Let’s break this down even further for you. Not only are these suspensions made with quality parts and put together the right way, they come with important things like all of the needed brackets and parts for a correct fit (yeah, the cheap kits frequently hold back on some of these things they call “options” that we call “required parts” if you want it to work right).

And don’t forget the lift kit warranties.

BDS has a REAL lifetime warranty. Not some limited life-in-dog-years-time warranty.

BDS has a “No Fine Print Lifetime Warranty.” What’s that mean? Exactly what it says. If you buy a BDS part and it breaks, you get a new part. If you offload directly onto a tree stump and break something, you get a new part. If you get into a wreck and break something, you get a new part. If you’re the original owner and you use the parts as recommended (meaning you don’t take a hacksaw to them) you’re covered for pretty much anything.

It’s really that simple.

Zone in on this great warranty.

Zone Off Road also offers a great warranty. If your Zone parts fail or break because of a defect or a manufacturing defect, you get new parts. With Zone, you get a warranty that covers you as long as you own the vehicle the suspension is installed on. It protects you against defects in the material and workmanship of the parts.

It’s a very solid warranty and they actually honor it. It’s not quite like what BDS hands you (nobody has a warranty like they do), but it’s near the top of the heap when it comes to aftermarket warranties.

But Wait, There's More! A PowerTrain Warranty is Included*

All BDS Suspension and Zone Offroad suspension systems qualify for the corresponding participating brands limited lifetime warranty.  Plus, you get a 5-year, 60,000 mile powertrain warranty at no charge if your vehicle qualifies!

  • A 5 year 60,000 mile warranty is available for ALL participating brands vehicle suspension systems as long as the vehicle is less than 5 years old from the date of manufacture and the mileage is less than 60,000 miles. The protection applies to any eligible participating brands suspension systems purchased on or after November 1st, 2013.
  • See for complete details

What To Expect from a Lifted Truck

With BDS or Zone Off Road, you’ll get that comfortable factory ride quality. No jarring or bouncing because it’s too stiff or that mushy, marshmallow feeling when you’re going down the highway. BDS and Zone suspensions are made to last and to give you the best results. The differences between these two are the prices, warranties and finish.

Go with BDS and you’re getting the quality and the awesome warranty and it doesn’t cost that much more. It’s well worth a few extra bucks, though, so you won’t feel robbed even for a second. With Zone Off Road you’ll get that great quality and an awesome warranty, just not quite the premium warranty like BDS.  

Either way you go, you’re getting a great, high quality suspension. And now you know why. You also know what to look for when shopping around for other suspensions.

Or just give us a call. We’ll give you an honest answer that’s come from decades of installing and dealing with just about every suspension brand out there. We’d love to know your opinions too. Give us a call, send an email or comment below. 


Ask the Experts


Suspension Leveling Kits - All the Dirt You Need to Know

Feb 10 2014


That new truck you just bought looks great doesn’t it. Here come all the neighbors out to see it and they all think it looks pretty cool too. Well, except for the way the back end sticks up in the air like a bug, and wouldn’t it look much better with bigger tires and wheels? Sure it would and there’s plenty of clearance in the rear for them but what about up front?

Leveling Kit on F150

So the more you look at the truck, the more you know you need to do something to the stance, but what? We’ll tell you what; you need a suspension leveling kit. There are suspension leveling kits on the market for just about every make and model truck out there and they do just what the name suggests.  They bring the front of your truck up level with the back and give you more clearance for those larger tires you want to get. Don’t confuse a leveling kit with a suspension lift kit. There are differences and we’ll handle that in another article. For now, we are just concerned with getting your truck to a nice level stance and making some room for those cool looking all terrain or mud terrain tires.


Most trucks come from the factory with the rear about two to three inches higher than the front. A leveling kit will correct this and bring the front up to the same height as the rear. As an added benefit, you now have plenty of room for larger tires and wheels!


Almost all full size trucks will accept up to 33” tires without any problem. As long as you just want to look at them and not actually drive anywhere. But what fun is that? As soon as you put the truck into motion those big tires will rub on the fenders, especially when turning. Also many aftermarket wheels are wider and stick out farther than the OE wheels did, so right away they’re getting into your bumper and fender when turning.


The leveling kit you need depends on the type of suspension your truck has. The first type is a strut extension kit. This is basically a spacer that goes on top of the factory struts typically found on late-model half ton trucks and SUVs. The second type is a replacement torsion key for those trucks with torsion bar front suspension. This kit enables you to raise the front end by swapping in a new torsion bar key that is indexed differently than the stock unit. These keys Chux sells are usually much stronger than the OEM parts. Finally is the coil spacer type of kit. This is just what the name suggests in that it fits into the factory coil spring pocket and raises the front of the truck without affecting the factory ride quality.


Leveling kits are vehicle specific and you should never buy any sort of “generic”, one size fits all kit. You also have to realize that you get exactly what you pay for when buying a suspension leveling kit. The suspension of your truck is no place to be cutting corners. Cheap suspension leveling kits are usually made of cast material instead of forged and they will eventually break. Notice we didn’t say they might break, they will break. They are made from material that is even weaker than the OEM parts. They are never warranted for long, are usually made outside of the USA and when they do break, you've got serious problems!


You should always look for a leveling kit that is made of parts that are billet aluminum, or forged steel. ReadyLift is the number one brand of suspension leveling kit because they have engineered a line of true forged torsion keys. Forging is especially important for torsion keys because as you rotate the torsion bar you also increase the torsional energy and the forces exerted on the key. A cast torsion key cannot withstand the additional force for very long and it will likely fail at some point.  ReadyLift has produced over 60,000 forged torsion keys and not a single one has been returned due to failure. Also remember that the addition of larger wheels and tires will increase the forces at work on the rest of your suspension. You don’t want install inferior parts in an area as critical as this. Safety, security, and the longevity of the parts you install are critical factors and should not be compromised to save a few dollars.


It is possible to perform the installation of most suspension leveling kits at home, but here again safety is a major concern. Most suspension parts, especially springs and torsion bars contain a great deal of stored up energy. You can be severely injured or even killed dead where you stand if you handle these parts in an unsafe manner. You don’t want that. Nobody in your family wants that, and the finance company that holds the note on your truck absolutely does not want that!


This is a job best left to the professionals at Chux Trux. We have installed more suspension leveling kits than all of the other shops in the Kansas City area combined. Over 6,000 if you're counting (which we are). We can even do the installation for the Kansas City car dealer of your choice before you pick up your new truck so that the cost is rolled into your monthly payment. Chux carries and installs the full line of kits from ReadyLift and Zone Off Road so you know you’re going to get only the best quality parts. Seriously...we've performed more of this kind of work than anyone and have the experience to ensure there is no problem or special circumstance that we haven’t already seen and fixed.


You can call us anytime to get more information and a price quote on parts and installation. Check out our website, send us an email, or stop in to any of our three stores in the Kansas City area and see what Chux Trux can do for you and your truck.

By: Chris Ripper


ProLift Suspension Rolls Hard on the Trails

Aug 13 2013

ProLift Suspension Jeep

by Chris Ripper


You can hunt all over the country for a lift kit, leveling kit, or suspension kit for your truck or Jeep but you won’t find a better product anywhere than the kits made by ProLift Suspension! They may not be the cheapest kits on the market but do you want to trust your rig to cheap parts? No, you do not; you only want the very best suspension parts. And you can tell that ProLift Suspension makes the best lift kits and leveling kits on the market because Chux Trux only allows the best in their lineup!

Whether you just want a leveling kit to bring the front of your vehicle up to match the rear, or a full lift kit to raise the entire vehicle, a suspension kit from ProLift will give you all the ground clearance and confidence you need to attack that trail, sling sand, crawl over the rocks and through the mud and come out the on other side.

You want the best technology? ProLift starts with hot forged 6061-T6 billet aluminum that has a tensile strength of 45,000 psi. Then they use advanced CAD-CAM machining to deliver the highest precision shaping of the complex structural designs. Once machined, all parts are given a Mil-Spec Type III hardcoat nickel anodized surface that protects against corrosion and resistance to wear.

ProLift uses their proprietary AVT, Advanced Vibration Technologies to produce tuned damping techniques that utilize surface disruption technologies and durometer optimized elastomer components to absorb targeted vehicle vibrations and resonance. What does all that techno mumbo jumbo mean? It means that a ProLift suspension kit will always give you complete control even in the toughest off-road conditions!

But all that high end technology doesn’t mean you need PhD to install one of these kits. ProLift kits are designed and built by engineers and mechanics that have decades of experience with this stuff! These guys know what they’re doing and the kits are bolt-in easy to install and don’t require any cutting, welding, or fabricating so you can do the job right in your own driveway or garage.

Still not convinced these are the best lift kits and leveling kits on the market? What if we told you that if a part breaks we will give you a new one, FREE! Even if you are not the original purchaser! You won’t need a warranty card or a receipt and there is no time limit. Just bring us the broken part and you’re covered! You see, ProLift makes all of their lift kits and suspension parts right here in the good ol’ USA and they are committed to the highest level of performance, quality and extreme reliability and customer satisfaction. That’s you.

So get on over to your nearest Chux Trux store or check us out on the web at and join some of the top professionals in off-roading, hunting, and fishing with a Prolift kit for your truck!

By: Chris Ripper