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Top Truck and Van Accessories for Electrical Contractors

Mar 19 2014

Top Commercial Van and Truck Accessories for Electrical Contractors

Commercial Truck AccessoriesSo you’re an electrical contractor and you need a place to store your stuff. Well, you have a place to store your stuff and it’s called a commercial van or truck, but you’re tired of having rolls of wire pile up, power tools rattling around and drill bits and connectors rolling all over the place. And the floorboard is no place for those expensive Klein crimpers, not to mention that pricey volt meter.


What you need is a little organization.  No, we're not saying you need stacks of Tupperware bins with pretty little labels from your wife’s label maker. What you need is something heavy duty, strong and durable enough to keep up with you and your electrical tools and equipment. It’ll need to be manly enough to show to your friends and coworkers without mumbling something about your wife helping out.


Here at Chux Trux, we’ve got answers for your problems. We’d like to say we’re problem solvers, but that would sound too much like a bad commercial. We’ll just say here’s the answer to your problems:



Commercial Van Accessories

Commercial Van Accessories for Electricians:

  • Dividers/bulkheads:

    • Safety first!  Bulkheads/partitions keep your tools in the back of the van and not in the back of your head when you have to hit the brakes.
  •  Masterack Commercial Van Shelving and Ladder Racks


It doesn’t matter if your fleet has Ford E-350 Econoline vans, Sprinter Vans, Transit Connect’s or the Nissan NV 200 vans, Masterack has products to fit them all.  From interior shelving, bins, cab partitions, utility racks and more, Masterack is one of the most popular brands we sell.


  • Ranger Designs Interior commercial Van Shelving:

    • This commercial van shelving system is made from aluminum so it’s strong, durable and won’t rust. It’s quiet so you won’t have to turn the radio up when you hit the bumpy roads. You can configure this van shelving hundreds of different ways to meet your needs.
  • Weatherguard Commercial Van Storage Solutions:

    • Weatherguard took it a step further and created a package just for you electrical types. They’ve included shelves, cabinets and drawers with interior bins for small parts. They throw in some roof-top conduit carriers too. If you ask for anything else, you’re just being greedy.
  • Wire spool racks:

    • Wire spool racks for your commercial vans keep all of your wiring in one place, keeps it nice and neat and easy to measure off. When you pull a roll of wire out of the box and accidently drop it, you add an extra 2 to 57 minutes to the job because untangling that mess is a beast. No more with these cool wire spool racks.

  •  Bins for Shelving

    • Use small parts bins inside the larger shelving and drawers to help contain the small things, like fittings, connectors or maybe your stash of Hershey’s Miniatures. We don’t judge.
  •  Screens

    • Stop wannabe thieves from targeting your commercial van with security screens. They won’t be able to get a look inside your van so they’ll never see the equipment and tools you’ve got.
  •  Ladder Racks

    • Well that pretty much gives away what we’re talking about, but not only can you use these racks to safely haul ladders around, they’re great to store conduit. Individual sticks or a bundle inside your conduit storage containers fit right there in the ladder rack like they were made for each other.
  •  Interior lights

    • Stop using a flashlight, or worse – your iPhone lights, to find stuff in the back of your van. Put in some interior lights (you’re an electrician for goodness sakes!) and have it easy.
Truck Tool Box

Commercial Truck Accessories for Electrical Contractors:

If you drive a commercial truck, these are some products you won’t be able to live without once you try them:

Commercial truck caps:

  • These are like the cigar box camper shells your grandpa had. These are A.R.E’s Deluxe Commercial Units, or DCUs. These commercial truck caps are so versatile and awesome, you’ll want one whether you need it or not. You can have them made with built-in ladder racks, roof racks, tool boxes, different sized doors in the rear, windows, no windows, whatever you need as an electrical contractor. Not only can you fully customize them, they offer stand-out features like double wall thickness, door activated lights, interior racks, 4-point locking side access doors and more.   


  • Want even better commercial truck caps? Go for the A.R.E Site Commander series and you get the same options as the DCU, but these are lighter weight and stronger.


  • The A.R.E Toolmaster Series is a workhorse of a camper shell, but it’s made to look stylish so you don’t always have that contractor-for-hire look. You can get it set up with heavy duty doors, tool boxes, side access doors and roof racks.


  • For a full-fledged warehouse on wheels without going the commercial van route, get an A.R.E SpaceKap. Fully customize these self-contained units as you see fit with shelving, tool boxes, racks, bins and more. Throw in a few strobe lights and make it a party. 


Then there are these extras that you could use on either your commercial van or commercial truck for electrical contractors to make life much easier.

  • Vinyl wraps and lettering 

    • With vinyl wrap and lettering, you can put any design, pattern or picture on your truck or van. As a customer, when you need an electrician, are you going to remember the company with the plain white van, or the neon green van with the purple pinstripes with the business name on the side? Yeah, that’s who we’d remember.

    • Vinyl wrapping your commercial truck or van is an awesome way to get a few things done. Vinyl wraps:

      • Continually advertise your business 24/7/365.

      • Bring attention to your business as you drive down the road, stop at stop lights, park, grocery shop, etc. The list is endless.

      • Are much more exciting and visual than just vinyl letters with your name and phone number. Make your company look better and stand out more than your competitors.

      • Lasts about 5 years with basic care

      • Can be installed on any truck, van, trailer, toolbox…almost anything. Create something eye catching with the vinyl wrap. Throw in your business name and number and there you go

      • Is completely removable

      • Will revitalize an older vehicle and make it look new

      • Let’s you change colors to match your company brand

  • Seat Savers seat covers 

    • These are the best thing since even before sliced bread, since bread doesn’t do anything to keep your seats looking good. Slip Seat Savers over your seat (they fit like a glove) and you won’t be afraid to climb on in and sit down, even if you’ve just come from a dirty job. They also keep your shirt dry and not showing the dreaded sweaty back.


  • Beacon lights

    • Ever need a little extra attention showered on yourself? These amber beacon lights (links) help attract attention to the fact that your giant commercial van or commercial truck is parked and you’re working, since most drivers these days wouldn’t notice a freaking elephant walking down the street. Work safe, my friends.

  • Conduit carriers

    • These aren’t just some PVC pipes from your neighbor’s backyard. We’re talking diamond plate aluminum, hinged doors for easy access and a sleek look.


  • Sliding drawers

    • No, we aren’t talking about any articles of clothing here. This is about the sliding drawers that open and close similar to a cabinet drawer. Only these drawers hold your tools and equipment safely and neatly. And you can quickly slide the drawers open for easy access.

  • Running boards/steps

    • No, despite your wish last night, you didn’t wake up four inches taller and you can’t fly. So you still need to physically climb into your truck or van. Make it easier with running boards from Chux.

  • Computer and iPad mounts

    • Need to create an order or invoice while you’re out and about? A computer mount inside your commercial van or truck is a must. These bolt to the factory seat bolt holes for the passenger seat on most vehicles making installation a snap


  • WeatherTech floor mats

    • To keep your floors clean and to contain mud, dirt and any liquid spills.


  • Power inverters 

    • Charge those cordless batteries and laptops right there inside your commercial van without searching for an outlet.


  • Lights

    • Add LED lighting in your new storage bins, drawers and shelves so you can easily find what you’re looking for.


As you can see, it doesn’t matter if you are an electrician, an apprentice or own an electrical contracting company in Kansas City (or anywhere else for that matter), Chux Trux has you and your commercial fleet of vans or trucks covered. 

We'd love to hear your comments below, or ask us a question!


Truck Toolboxes - Things to Know Before You Buy

Feb 7 2014

 Contractor on jobsite

The crew at Chux Trux has been selling truck accessories in Kansas City for over 20 years, and we know a thing or two about truck toolboxes. Whether you're a full-time contractor or a weekend project guy, a good toolbox for your truck is something that will work properly, store your items securely, and hopefully look cool while doing it.


Selecting the right toolbox means picking on based on what you plan to use it for.  If you’re planning on using the toolbox to take your golf clubs out on weekends and not much else, you probably don’t need a top of the line box.  On the other hand, if you plan on regularly keeping your tools in it or keep anything of value in it overnight, a higher end box is a much better fit.  These boxes are constructed of higher quality materials that make them well suited for daily use.


Toolbox Qualities to Consider:


Security: A truck toolbox should have a decent, tamper-resistant lock so you can secure your possessions and not have to worry about anyone getting in.   Top-end toolboxes have heavier latches and locks. This makes it much harder for thieves to open the box, as well as makes the lock more durable and longer lasting.


Material: Most toolboxes are made out of aluminum or steel. Many Chux customers prefer aluminum boxes because they're lighter, won't rust, and tend to look better. A well-made toolbox is made out of heavier gage materials than lower-end products, and won't dent when you set something on it. They also generally last a whole lot longer than a lower-end model. Also, because top-quality truck toolboxes are designed for heavy, daily use, they tend to open and close easier. They also have protective panels around the lid lifts, protecting the lifts from damage by stuff that's sliding around in the box.


Adjustability. Some toolboxes are just metal bins that you throw your stuff into. Others are more customizable, with moveable tool trays and sections that please even the biggest neat freaks. If you know you're going to fill it with a lot of stuff that needs to be kept separate, you'll probably want boxes with individual trays or compartments.


Protection. A good toolbox should be able to keep the weather out. Some lower-end boxes have thin seals that aren't really weather-proof. That's fine if you don't plan on using the box to hold stuff when it rains or don't care if dust gets in. But if you want to make sure your stuff will stay dry, clean, and safe from the elements, a better quality box is the only way to go.


Size.  You can choose how wide or deep a box you want, and should pick one that will hold what you plan on putting in it. Low-end boxes tend to come in uniform sizes that fit the most widely produced trucks, while high-end boxes can be customized for hard-to-fit models.


Cost. No one is made of money, and budget is a big factor when picking a box. (If you are made of money, please feel free stop by and buy everything we tell you to buy.) Like anything else, you tend to get what you pay for with toolboxes. Lower-end boxes are less well made, less durable, and have fewer options than higher-end toolboxes. If you don't plan on using your toolbox for much more than toting your golf clubs around on the weekends or using it to take your groceries back home, you're probably better off with a cheaper box. On the other hand, if you keep your tools back there, use your truck for a lot of heavy-duty jobs, or want a toolbox that will last as long as possible, higher-quality toolboxes are not only the best choice, but they’re also cheaper in the long run.


Making the Right Choice

 A lot of customers that come into Chux don't know where to start when picking out a toolbox. Based on our experience, we almost always recommend that a customer buy a mid or high-end box, such as WeatherGuard, Delta, or Dee Zee Pro toolbox. Entry and mid-level boxes, like the ProMax series, are great if you're on a tight budget and don't need the box to do much. Higher-end products will stand up to heavy daily use, are tougher for thieves to break into, and can last for ten years or more. A lighter-duty box is great for people who don’t plan on using the box as much and who don’t need it to last as long.


In the end, your toolbox choice is up to you, and the Chux crew is just here to tell you what you need to know. We're not going to pressure you to buy something you don't need, so all you need to do is come in and talk to us. We'll make sure you get the right box, one that you'll be happy with for years. Stop by and talk to use today so we can make sure you're satisfied with your choice of toolbox.

By: Chris Ripper