Car Show Sponsorships

Occasionally, we sponsor automotive and other highly relevant automotive events in the Kansas City area, such as car shows, cruise nights, etc.

Unfortunately, due to the sheer number of requests that we get for people wanting donations, we are not accepting proposals for individual sponsorships (race car drivers, professional fisherman, etc.) or pageants, school calendars, golf tournaments, charity auctions, religious based or political gatherings.

If you have an automotive event that you would like us to sponsor, please submit a written proposal that includes the following information:

  • Event date(s) and hours
  • Name of person submitting request
  • Contact email
  • Phone number(s)
  • Organization legal name
  • Website
  • Facebook page
  • Event Name/title
  • Event location (address)
  • Summary of program or event
  • How many times has this event taken place in the past?
  • Size of audience at your event
  • Provide demographic information about your target audience
  • What is your marketing commitment to promoting your event? Please list all definite (not planned) media coverage, online promotion avenue's,
  • What financial or product donation are you requesting from Chux Trux for this sponsorship?
  • Tell us why you believe your event is an ideal fit for Chux Trux
  • Detailed explanation of what you provide Chux Trux in exchange for our sponsorship. Ex. – advertising, link to us from your website, display/exhibit space, participation in email newsletters, other online presence, etc.
  • Other companies involved and level of their involvement

Please submit your request by . Your request will be reviewed by the Chux Trux Marketing Department.

We will contact the person listed on your request form regarding our decision. If your sponsorship is approved, we require a copy of any documents (ads, program flyers, etc.) that are part of the sponsorship benefits where Chux Trux is mentioned.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Chux Trux!